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i've been in kind of a weird space lately.  J has been rockin' the police academy, which is great, but he now has this whole new built in police family.  he's with them all day, he talks to them all night, they do things on weekends...and don't get me wrong i'm happy that he has this new group of friends, but i'm not gonna lie...i feel left out...big time...and normally i wouldn't really think twice about it because i would just spend time with my girls...except they're all back home living it up the city, or having know grown up things (blah) and i'm just feeling kind of....lonely.  

does anyone live in san antonio and want to be my friend...or better yet who lives somewhere cool and wants to be my friend, and i'll come visit;)  until then i will have days like these where i know it's scorchingly hot, but i'm going to wear something that makes me feel comfy and cozy...with a little bling of course;)

um...obvi i need to start doing squats bc look how flat my butt is...ugh...
headband: mrd (coming soon), sweatshirt: forver21, jeans: anthro, shoes: loris
 p.s. i just bought these $200 MOTHER jeans from anthro for $20!!!!  there was one pair left, in my size, and so they were's just how i roll!

pleated poppy
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  1. This is lovely! I am really loving those shoes! Those headbands are adorable but I can't seem to pull them off. I'm always happy when I find someone who can! Fabulous!

    Popping over from WIWW.