i'm just a girl

when i get dressed to go to work, sometimes i put a bunch of things that really might not go together...on purpose of course...just to annoy the matchy matchy san antonio shoppers.  i get a secret satisfaction when they look me up and down and think i'm crazy because i'm wearing three different prints.  i seriously think it's the funniest thing ever.  

so i get to work today and looked in the mirror and realized that i kinda dressed like a little girl today.  like my mom said, sure pick out whatever you want to wear today dear...not that my mom really calls me dear...well, actually sometimes she does call me dear...but anyways i looked like a kid...which if you know me made me even happier because i really am a 4 year old at heart.

and then i met the coolest 6 year old ever.
she was shopping with her mom and they had just moved from cali and were having a girls day shopping.  this girl was literally an adult in a teeny tiny kid body.  i sat amazed as she told me about the new yellow dress she got, with the jean jacket to wear over it and the cowboy booties, not boots.  she walked around the store like she owned it...she  had fun little bling gladiator sandals on and tinsel in her messy, yet totally chic ponytail.  she was so funny and was loving my purple eyeliner and tattoos.  so here i was, 30 year old adult dressed as a 4 year old, chatting it up with 6 year old girl acting like a 30 year old.  i felt like i was in freaky friday...yet it totally confirmed that i am indeed a child at heart, and i  hope that never changes!

hair scarf: mrd, top: the loft, shorts: free people, shoes: toms

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pleated poppy


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  2. You're a girl after my own heart! I throw crazy things together too, it makes for the best outfits! And this is killer cute! Plus, I love dressing like a 4 year old sometimes :) That is so cute that that little girl was so into fashion and super confident in her taste haha
    Visiting from WIWW

  3. ah I love those shorts SO cute! but of course i am free people obsessed too! i guess i always dress like a little girl....bows, ruffles, lace..what can we say...we're girly girls!!! haha! love you!