tribal trousers

omg these pants...i can't even...they are just so they make me look skinny mini even though i'm shoving a donut in my mouth as i'm typing this.  i love how certain clothes can totally change the shape of your body.  i've learned over the years how to dress myself to emphasize that parts i like, and hide the parts i don't.  

i've noticed that sometimes people buy things that are a little too tiny for them because they are obsessed with the number on the they shouldn't be wearing a small but they get the small because they could never buy a medium because that's just sooo big.  i don't know about you, but i'm not about to rock a shirt that's too snug and let my muffin top take center's just not my thing, but hey more power to you if that's how you roll....hehe get it...roll...

hair clip: mrd, top: zara, necklace: free people, pants: apricot lane

and to make you is my happy pants dance;)
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pleated poppy


  1. you're freaking adorable and I love those pants. That is all :)

  2. You are so cute! I have actually been looking for some palazzo pants for a while and I have yet to find any I love. Yours are super cute and so flattering on you!

  3. Your wardrobe is looking impressive but I like your tribal printed pant the most. It looks quite beautiful and sexy.
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