Giveaway Blogdom

Check out this fabulous blog feature, from the lovely Brandy of Giveaway Blogdom, featuring yours truly;)  Thanks Brandy!!!  You rock!  xoxo~melis

Bendel Bands

In one week we will be showcasing our new collection at Henri Bendel in New York!  A lot of love went into this whole process and hopefully we will be a huge success:)  Here is a sneak peek at some of our Bendel Bands!  xoxo~melis

Bows, Bows, Bows

The title says it all!  It's nice to know that we aren't the only one with this little obsession;)  Thank you to our wonderful fan Adrienne for sharing the love!!

Flowers and Fluffs

So "Operation Bendel Bands" has been keeping me crazy busy....and I mean CRAZY!!!  Of course I kinda put things off until the last minute as usual and now I driving myself, and everyone around me, nuts:)  Guess it's a good think I work very well under pressure.  I have a few pics of some flowers and fluffs that are going to be on my fab headbands so I thought I would share....then it's back to work!  xoxo~melis

Petals Please...

Hello pretties!  So there is less than a month until "Bendel Day" and I figured maybe I should start working on those headbands;)  My first step is to start making petals for the big flower headbands.  It takes forever, but once they're all put together they'll be lovely!  I took a few pics of some of the finished petals.   Ohhhhh pretty:)
I'll post the flowers once they're done!