summer grab bags

happy weekend pretties!!

so in my attempt to make sense of the headband madness that has taken over my condo
i found a bag of some extra hair pretties which means....

for only $30 (that includes shipping) you will get two gorgeous 
mrd hair pretties!!

styles will vary with everything from hard and soft bands
to bobbies and clips!

the best part is it'll be a total surprise...
and who doesn't love a little surprise?

so start grab bagging because they are limited:)


be pretty~melis

summer lovin' sale

did you know there is an mrd summer sale going on??? you do:)  
gotta make room for pre fall pretties!!

this coupon code makes me laugh
bc summer lovin' makes me think of grease...
which makes me think of high school...
where i was cha cha digregorio (say that three times fast)
 in the musical grease....

i guess i was born to hand jive, baby!

be pretty~melis

fireworks and things that sparkle

every year the 4th of july comes around and i cringe...
i mean the 4th is supposed to be lots of fun right?
fireworks, food, no work...sounds good to me...
yet every year the 4th comes and it's lame.

john or i don't feel well,
or it's raining, 
or it's just too hot to sit outside and watch fireworks...
it's always something.

so this year fireworks by us were on the 3rd....
so john and i took full advantage of our normally cursed 4th and planned to actually go outside and watch fireworks.

 we had dinner and john brought me home "just because" daisies...
which are my fave bc
a)who doesn't love flowers just because
b) daisies last forever!!!

so it finally got dark and outside we went to check out the fireworks...
we walked down this pretty path along the riverwalk that is behind our condo
and found the perfect viewing spot...
just the two of us...
a gorgeous full moon...
the sky full of twinkling stars...
and just as my favorite fireworks were lighting the sky
(the huge ones that sparkle down like weeping willow know the ones)
john got down on one knee and asked me to marry him...

and i just stared at him for what probably felt like hours to him...
(but it was really only seconds)
bc i was in total shock and then of course

so after 9 years, 6 months, and 16 days of dating
(not like i was counting or anything)
i became engaged to my best friend
who i cannot wait to spend forever with!

and i apologize in advance if all of my mrd product pics begin to look like the ones below...
i mean if you had this ring you would want to show it off too;)

i love you johnny!!!!

be pretty~melis