Oh boy...we are having one of those weeks again.  One of those weeks where you realize not to sweat the small stuff.  When you realize that the universe is trying to tell you something...that you were meant for bigger and better things.  That for every good piece there is going to be a flash of bad to try and bring you down but then you just laugh and say um yeah I got this...nice try.  When you know that you're the like this floral bomber jacket.  You're kinda too cool for school...which means that some people are just going to be haters because...obvi they're just jelly...but those that know the real you know that hey...she's going to skip her way into work bc that jacket has flowers and that dress has pockets...mic drop.

And for those of you that pray, or meditate, or worship the sky and the trees, or wish on a shooting me a favor and send some loving vibes to my baby seester today that has to have last minute eye surgery.  I wish I could be there to hold her hand and make her laugh while she looks like a pirate for the next few weeks, but I'm stuck here and arrrrrrrrrr that makes me sad...get it...pirate.  So yeah...all cheese aside...please say a little sweet something that all goes well!  Thanks pretties!!!

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