it's a pant party

guys i'm not gonna lie...this summer heat is making me super lazy.  all i want to do is sleep and not wear too many clothes because everything just sticks.  even my hair is kinda sad right's all limp and lifeless...although that could be my new shampoo which claims to be volumizing but it's all a big fat lie!  and because i have lazy heat syndrome all i want to do is wear lazy clothes...aka anything that may pass as pjs in public.  which is why these pants are fantastic...i mean they are super cute yet i could come home from work and hop right into bed and take a nap and you wouldn't really know if they were real clothes or pjs....bwahahahahahaha...

bow clip: mrd, sweater: h&m, pants: free people

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and i'm back...

hi pretties!  miss me?  my life has been super cray cray the past few weeks.  my sister came to visit, i added yet another job to my already busy life, and J and i moved to a new apartment.  on top of all of that i'm still trying to find a car which seems to be the most impossible task in the world...unless you have butt loads of cash lying around...which i don' maybe you should buy some new fall mrd pretties!  the shop is now reopen and this is just the beginning of new goodies!  

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olive you

oh the color i love you...actually "olive" you...get it??  with the exception of navy, i don't think there is a color that makes me happier than olive.  and when you get olive in a cozy slightly slouchy free people sweater...well then i'm in heaven.  

and even happier news today...J and i found the perfect apt!  hooray!!  as much as i adore staying with my family it was time for us to move on.  so the blog may be a little neglected since we are moving next weekend, but i will try and post as much as i can for all of my stalkers;)  

turband: mrd (coming soon), honeycomb mix pullover: free people,
 ruffle shorts: free people, booties: kensie

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polka dots and stripes...check!

you guys...these past few months have just been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  lots of craziness going on in all aspects of my life and lots of opportunities for me to really look at what i'm doing and try and as i'm feeling a little chaotic in my life, it seems my clothes are reflecting that...hence the cray cray pattern mixing and prints and colors...but i'll take crazy over normal and boring any day!!

headband: mrd, polka dot top: old navy, maxi: apricot lane

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