Spreading the Love

Hello pretties!  Wanted to say a big thank you to two blogs this week spreading a little mila rose love:)

Ashley from Indie Pretty Projects wrote a great little piece about local artists in the Naperville area.  She also has a cute little etsy shop featuring handmade stationary and paper art.  Love this card!!
Woodgrain Paper Cut Valentine Card by
Ashley Pahl

Then we have the lovely Kim from Sunny Mother Nature who wrote about us not once, but twice this week!!!  She shares our love of fluff flowers and all things purple!    Kim also has a great etsy shop featuring prints and paintings.  This would be so cute in my room!
Geometric Abstract Art Print

Thank you so much to both of you for spreading the love!  xoxo:)

be pretty~melis

Glancer Magazine Ad

Glancer Magazine Feb 2011 Ad
Hello pretties:)  If you're already a mila rose fan on facebook, then you know all about the ad contest craziness that happened a couple days ago....and if you're not a fan on facebook shame on you lol!  One of our favorite Naperville magazines, Glancer, was holding a contest on facebook to win a free 1/2 page ad in their February issue.  As an ad valued at $2500 it was a HUGE prize for someone like me who can't really afford to do big advertising like that...at least not yet;)  Well with the help of all of my amazing friends and fb fans, mila rose WON!!!!  I can't even explain how happy I am...not just for winning, but because so many people went out of their way to help support me and the line.  It made me feel so good to read all of the amazing things that people were saying....you guys rock!!!  And a big thanks to the Glancer team for this opportunity and for making the ad look perfectly pretty!

be pretty~melis

Kinda neat...

While googling mila rose....yes I google lol...I found a fun little blog posted last month...in a totally different language, about us!  Just thought I would share....Mad Inga:)

be pretty~melis


Happy New Year!!!  I'm kinda obsessed with 11:11, I mean who doesn't like an excuse to make a wish....so I am very happy that this year is going to be full of them, starting with today:)  This year is going to be magical and I can't wait to see what new and amazing things unfold.  And it's already full of good things....within the next two weeks, mila rose designs will be available at Henri Bendel in NYC!!!!  Our pre-spring collection, full of floral fun, will be in that gorgeous hair room next to some pretty amazing hair accessory designers!  It is soooooo exciting and the perfect start to our best year yet!

be pretty~melis