vintage plaid

 Does anyone else have the problem of holding onto certain clothes for way longer than you should?  Now don't get me wrong, I love cleaning out my closet and getting rid of junk that's just taking up space...but then I feel like there are always those pieces that you get rid of and then the next week you're like, omg why did I get rid of that dress, it's totally what I need right now!  
 I mean we all know that fashion and trends recycle.  Most likely if something was "in" at one point, it's going to make its way back to the popular table and everyone is going to want to be friends with it.  That's why I hate getting rid of certain things because I know they'll be back.  This also means I have a very overstuffed closet...and then I can't exactly yell at J for leaving his clothes all over the floor...the poor guy doesn't really have anywhere to hang them..oops.
 And speaking of J and fashion trends, this shirt is one of those pieces that always has a place in my closet.  Why you ask...because it was my first bday present from him...almost 11 years ago.  Yep you read that right...this shirt is basically vintage that's how old it is, but I will hold onto it always because it reminds me of when we first started anything that still fits me after 11 years isn't going anywhere!!  
Do you have any special pieces that you can't part with?  Let me know in the comment...I would love to hear!!  

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the carrie diaries

 So do you remember this post where I talked about wanting something and not giving up and blah blah but you didn't really know what they heck I was talking about?  Well today I get to fill you in because today is the premiere of season 2 of The Carrie Diaries...and what does that mean for me and MRD you ask?  
 Well you see last year, when the show premiered, I was obsessed.  I mean I own the whole collection of Sex and The City dvd's so seeing mini Carrie was super exciting for me.  Plus the show's costume designer is the Eric know the amazing man who made Gossip Girl a fashionista's dream to he loves hair accessories...hello Blair Waldorf!  
So I literally have been trying for over a year to get in contact with someone, anyone, from The Carrie Diaries so I could send some MRD pretties.  Folks let me tell you that this was my next to impossible mission.  Every time I thought I caught my break...nothing.  I would get so excited and then...nothing.  Until one glorious day, I heard back from the man himself, and was lucky enough to send some pretties to the show!!   EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!
So these bands are some of the ones they have on hand that have the potential of being used!  The show had already shot 5 episodes so it may be awhile until we see some MRD's but I'm keeping my fingers crossed....especially with this studded turband below...if this doesn't scream Carrie in the 80s I don't know what does!  
So the lesson for this weekend is never give up.  If you want something bad enough then  you do what you need to do to make it happen.  Sometimes you'll hear "no" a million times before a "yes" but it makes that "yes" sound so much sweeter and mean so much more!!  
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stress much?

october has been a weird month for me...lots of good things and then lots of random drama coming from all places.  and when i get super stressed about things my body likes to shut the most random of ways.  like freak puffy mosquito bites and feeling like i have a literal lump in my throat...which i'm going to get ultrasounded...which i know is not an actual word...but unless i get things looked at, i obsess and then just stress some more.  so any happy thoughts you would like to send my way would be greatly appreciated...and if any of you have any fave yoga dvd recommendations for me that would be amazing...because i for reals need to start de-stressing!

turband: MRD, sweatshirt: the loft, skinnies: forever 21, shoes: TOMS

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MRD on Hart of Dixie...AGAIN!!!

 Seriously I don't believe my own life sometimes!  So as I mentioned on FB a few weeks ago,  I had a whole box full of pretties that the stylist from Hart of Dixie requested back at the beginning of summer. I was lucky enough to have an MRD on the first episode of season 2 which was totes amazing, so I was hopeful that some would show up for season 3.  You just never know because they get so many pieces from so many designers to choose from.  Well last week I missed the show because I was working at the boutique job and yesterday I finally was able to watch it online before the new episode tonight...and what did I see????   

 Seriously seeing something you created...on tv...has got to be the coolest thing in the world!!  I of course screamed at my computer screen and did a little happy dance.  This color of the twisted turband is no longer available (it sold super quick), but I have a whole bunch of new fall ones that will be in the shop next week!  Now I'm off to watch this week's episode of Hart of Dixie...and fingers crossed there will be more happy dancing!!

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mixing up maxi's with Gracie B.

The product and post seen below have been sponsored by Gracie B. as part of their “Transitioning Into Fall” campaign. However, all opinions are my own.

 The texas weather definitely has a mind of it's own.  One day it's sweater weather and the next day you're in shorts and flips.  So when Gracie B. sent me this gorgeous maxi it was so perfect to style for both the chilly days and the warmer days.  First of all, navy is one of my fave colors to wear and the fact that this maxi has sleeves already made it the perfect dress in my mind.  And I don't know about you, but I love having pieces in my closet that I can wear multiple ways, so I really wanted to show 2 totally different looks with this dress.
 hat: anthro, dress: Gracie B., shoes: Steve Madden
 For my first look I wanted to showcase the gorgeousness that is the maxi dress.  A fun fringe scarf and a fab fall hat, paired with magenta platform heels, were the perfect pieces for highlighting my maxi.  I love how long this dress is and how it makes me look way taller than I actually am...and the 5 inch heels help a little I guess!

 For my second look I transformed my dress into a maxi skirt!  We all know I adore a good maxi skirt and by adding my fun oversized daisy sweater I had a more casual, yet equally chic outfit.  Top it off with an MRD flower crown and it's total hippie chic perfection.  

So which look is your favorite?  I honestly can't choose because I love them both and I know I'm going to be living in this maxi dress this fall!  And make sure and check out Gracie B. and all of their amazing new fall goodies!  

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warm colors and cool temps

slowly but surely fall is creeping its way into texas.  and since the leaves on the trees don't really change colors here, which totes sucks by the way, i have to get my orange/red/yellow leaf fix by wearing, well, orange, red, and or yellow.  the problem is i don't own a lot of those colors, but i've been finding myself drawn to warm colors lately so i'm just going with with this dress.  although it does help that this is basically a little girl dress in adult size...which is basically my dream come true.  thank you asos for making my dress dreams a reality!  

scarf: loris, dress: asos, boot socks: loris, boots: frye

happy hump day pretties!  and you may want to head over to our facebook page because when there is chilly fall weather i get in a very good mood and that usually means an MRD sale!!!

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