the book of mormon

ugh monday...instead of talking about how i spent my weekend drinking lots of hot tea, making homemade chicken noodle soup, and watching love actually on netflix because i have a cold, lets talk about last thursday.  before that though, lets talk about my love of all things musical.  if i could make my career of being in musicals...or just watching them...i would be a happy girl.  when i was little before i really started talking, i was singing.  i loved the musical annie, and "tomorrow" was my jam.  i mean how could you not enjoy something where everyone starts randomly singing and just happens to know all the same dance moves...if only life was really like that.  

ever since then i was hooked.  my first real musical that i saw was The Secret Garden.  it was amazing...and just the start of my musical addiction.  my fave so far had been Les Mis, but that musical will always hold a special place in my heart.  back in high school, i was in orchestra and every year we would do a concert where we performed musical/movie songs and my senior year my orchestra teacher composed an arrangement of On My Own from Les Mis for me to I was able to sing my favorite song with a full orchestra backing me up.  definitely up there in my top ten life moments so far. i just loved being on stage and maybe one day will be back up there again.

so anyways, when we moved to texas we soon realized that musicals were not that big of a deal as they were in chicago.  so this past thursday, my mom, brother, and i finally got to see our first show in texas...The Book of Mormon...and was amazeballs!!!  i wasn't super familiar with the show or the songs going into it, but literally did not stop laughing from the moment it started.  it was non stop hilarious and the cast was SO GOOD!!!  some of those voices were just unreal and any musical that has large amounts of dancing boys gets two thumbs up in my book.  if you get the chance to see it, do it!  so i got my musical fix and now i'm counting down the a sing song voice of course, until the next shows!!

cardi: gap, dress: urban, boots: free people

and can we please all take a moment to appreciate the amazingness that is my new boots.  they have fold over purple leather...i mean can we say obsessed???

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sock it to me

i am IN LOVE with this outfit.  to me it's the perfect mix of casual yet totally put together in a "i didn't try too hard yet i want you to think i tried too hard" kinda way.  you know what i mean, right?  and you know what makes this outfit...the SOCKS!!  they just add that special something that takes this look to the next level...kinda like leg warmers but so much cooler.   these will definitely be making the rounds this season so get prepared for my outfit posts to sock it to ya;)

headband: mrd, top: free people, shorts: free people
tote: free people, socks: free people, shoes: kensie girl

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quote tuesday: scary

i've never really been someone who cared what others think of me.  i'm not really sure why, but i just don't worry about other people's opinions most of the least when they come to me.  i've heard my fair share of great things said about me and then my fair share of nasty things said about me, but i've never let those thoughts affect my thoughts of me.  i like me.  i'm pretty awesome sometimes and sometimes i'm a crazy nut job, but that's what makes me, me. 
which leads me to my tuesday over the weekend i heard that i'm kinda scary and intimidating when first meeting me...and i thought that was so funny because i don't think i'm scary at all.  sometimes when meeting new people i'm actually kind of shy, but i certainly didn't think i was scary.  maybe it's my bluntness.  it's really hard for me to be fake so i guess i can see how my honest say anything personality can scare someone...but it still cracks me up just thinking about it.  

what have you guys heard about you that you think is crazy funny??  fill me in!!

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the sTORIbook

if you read my blog, or know me in real life, then you know i LOVE seeing other people rockin' their mrd's...i mean yes, they all look lovely on me, but seeing how others look in them is what makes me smile!  so i'm just going to let these pics of my girl tori from, The sTORIbook, taken by Sunday Sky Photography speak for themselves!  and p.s. check out the cool custom leather/feather mrd i made for tori...soooo hippie chic!!

how gorgeous are these pics??  so amazing right?  and guess what?  if you go visit tori's blog here you can win a $50 mrd gift card!!  hooray for free mrd's!!

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quote tuesday: do it

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one thing i've learned in life is to not be afraid to fail.  to not worry if the answer might be no or if you might get laughed at.  i love failing.  making mistakes and falling flat on your face is the best way to learn and grow.  i've also learned that if you really want something then you do what you need to to get it.  even if it takes forever and a day...sometimes you just need to keep trying and not take no for an answer.  and then sometimes, the stars align and all that falling on your face turns into a kiss on the check and thing start looking up.

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now don't you want to know what i'm talking about...i'll fill you in soon:)  xoxo
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my weekend in insta's

 how is it monday already??  my weekend went way to fast...probably because i was either working on bendel bands or laying in bed with a cracking face...seriously does anyone else have crazy sinuses that CRACK???  it's so messed up!  anyways i thought i would share some highlights of my weekend via instagram...and if you're not following me yet then you better get on it!  so i played free people model which is always a fun time!
 i also ate a lot of crap...including sweet tea and goldfish for breakfast one day...and then waffles with fried bananas the next...yum!!!

 i also contemplated getting bangs i do every single fall...but instead decided to just chop off a couple inches from my hair...woot!

oh yeah...and i scored some awesome phillip lim bags at target.  i kinda wanted the boom sweatshirt but figured everyone and their mother (literally) was going to have it so i passed.  the good thing about fashion clueless san antonio is that even though i didn't get up at the crack of dawn there was still a lovely selection of goodies for me to shop through!  hooray!!

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8 days

 oh's friday...and my 8th day of work in a row.  seriously no one should have to work that many days in a row...all i want to do is sleep.  but i do have the whole weekend off which will be so nice...especially because instead of sleeping i'll be working on a new order for Bendel's!  trust me...when Bendel's wants bands you don't need sleep.  how is this my life...eeeekkk!!!  love it!  oh...and this dress was like $6 at's can be jelly!

ohhhh and today is friday the 13th.  usually those are my lucky days, so fingers crossed for awesomeness...i'll keep you posted!
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blooms & bows

 sometimes when i make new designs, i become obsessed with them, yet they don't really sell.  and as a designer it's hard to create something that you love only to realize that others really don't...which in the end is fine with me because that means more pretties to add to my personal stash...but at the core of mrd is big gorgeous blooms...they are my most fave pieces to make, best sellers at Henri Bendel, and they are  honestly in this crazy world we live in, sometimes you just need to rock a big ass flower (or bow) on your head.

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quote tuesday: feeling blah

morning lovlies!  so i was thinking since i have to do"quote tuesday" for one of my 27 jobs that i currently have, i would also start sharing some on the blog!  genius, i know...

so lately i've been feeling a little blah.  back home (and i know tx is my new home but i'm not ready to admit that yet, which may be part of my problem...eeekk) this was my fave time of year.  we all know i love fall so i'm not going to go on and on about it again.  and as much as i love having sunny days in fall/winter, my soul...craves gloomy moody fall days.  it's days like those that allow me think, and stew, and figure out what my next move it.  

in tx, it is just hot.  and sunny.  and i'm sure you're rolling your eyes and are thinking omg stop complaining, but i feel like i'm going cray crazy.  the heat and the sunny skies are in a sense making me sad...i feel lazy and unmotivated and have no idea what to do next.  i can't even drink a pumpkin spice latte unless it's iced and that whole point of the PSL is get it scorching hot while you're walking outside in boots and a chunky sweater...ugh.  

i know moving to texas was the right thing to do at the time...i honestly would be lost without my family near me.  and for J it's been amazing for his career.  as for me, i'm having faith that texas will grow on me...and i know part of that happening is me letting it in.  until then, i'm going to trust that the next amazing thing is just around the corner.

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