go home january...

You guys...this week, no joke, has been like the longest week ever.  Ugh January is just the worst.  It's so weird how even in texas you still get the January blues.  It's like all the fun times you had in December are a distant memory and now you have nothing to look forward to.  Even Henri has the January blues...poor guy just wants to run with me, but it's either too cold, or too dark out, or I'm too out of shape because I keep saying I'm going to start working out on Monday...oops.  

And my laptop is totes messed up...I have no idea what happened to it but the bottom is like bulging out and it has to be plugged in to run...see even my laptop needs to go on a diet...poor thing is bursting at the seems.  I blame it all on mercury in retrograde.  Damn mercury just messes everything up...poo on you mercury.  

Good news is, it's Friday and January is more than halfway over...hooray!!    Now we can look forward to February...the second worst month of the year.  In the meantime, H and I are going to pretend we love life and continue to look pretty for all of you lovely peeps that read the blog.  Yes that means you grandma!  Have an amazing weekend loves!  

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so fetch...

 I know I have lived in Texas for over three years now, and I know I'm always talking about the weather, but this year has seriously been so random!  One day it's 80 degrees and then the next morning it's like 34...which makes getting dressed in the morning such a struggle.  This is why I'm always wearing multiple layers.  You need to bulk up in the morning and then just shed pieces as the day goes on, but honestly with this outfit, all the layers are essential.  I feel like it's just totes a melis outfit.  

Boho chic flare cords...check.
Girly pink chiffon ruffle slip...check.
I don't take life too seriously graphic tank...check.
Fluffy glam I may secretly be a bitch today jacket...check.
Coordinating cutest fur baby ever...check.

Like I said...it's totally me.  A little bit of everything all rolled into one cute little package!  And as long as I can rock multiple layers I'm a happy girl because we all know how crabby I get when tank top season rolls around...#fatarms.  I'm off to watch Mean Girls now, because as we all know it's one of the best movies ever...so fetch!

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tulle skirts and polka dots...

 Well kids...happy belated 2016!  I've got high hopes for this new year, because let me tell you...last year was rough, but we have to have the tough times to appreciate the good times...or so I've heard.  I mean I'm fine with all good things all the time!  I've also picked my "word" for the year...Patience.  I am probably the most impatient person you will ever meet.  When I want something, I want it now...and while that's not always a bad thing, I have a very short fuse when things don't happen right away.  And I'm starting to learn that not being patient equals very angry melis which equals hot mess express for life...so this year I am going to practice my patience and hopefully find some more joy in my life.  Or I may just change my word halfway thru the year because ain't nobody got time for that.

So anyways, about this outfit...pretty much in love.  If I could wear it everyday I would.  I'm obsessed with this oversized polka dot sweater.  I feel like it's something Audrey Hepburn would wear with black skinnies, but that's definitely a little too classic for me so hello tulle skirt!  I'm even more obsessed with this tulle skirt.  I bought it at Anthro like a hundred years ago for like $20 and I'm so happy that I did.  It's a piece that will always have a home in my closet.  And then there is my adorable baby H in his plaid turtleneck sweater...I mean does it get any cuter?

Well, I hope you guys have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!!

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