never ever ever

random ladder pics anyone?  the parentals are staining the deck so we have like 5 ladders in the backyard...and since i'm all about bright colors, this bright yellow one seemed like the perfect prop.  don't's already been one of those weeks;)

today i'm also linking up with nelly and sharing some fun things that you would
never, ever, ever hear me say...

*those shoes are way too high
*i think i'll pass on dessert
*i don't really feel like shopping today
*no, i don't want anything from starbucks
*country music is my fave
*i want lots of kids
*i hate dressing up
*you want to take my picture?  no thanks
*mmmmm peas...

ugh the thought of peas makes me want to gross!  what are some things you would never, ever, ever say??

mrd girl kristen

it's mrd girl monday!!  woohoo!!  i seriously made sooooo many headbands this weekend!  between new boutique orders and all of you amazing girls that are buying the two toned turbands on brickyard buffalo (which you can still snag at 50% off HERE) i was a busy girl.  literally every inch of me was covered in chiffon fluffs and speaking of fluffs this pretty girl is rockin' hers!

1) where do you live and what do you do? 
i live at Vandenberg AFB in California and i am currently a stay at home mom <3 b="">

2) what's the one movie you could watch every day and still love? 
P.S. I love you .. something about it makes me smile laugh and cry all at once...such a great movie :)

3) three most fave things to eat...because really who can pick just one? 
sushi , chips and salsa , and cereal :)

4) fave place to shop? 
VS pink stores...i cant get enough of that stuff!

5) what is your "go-to" starbucks drink? 
iced vanilla Chai tea soy  :)

6) what is your guilty pleasure tv show? 
snooki and jwoww...LOL i know i know i just get sucked in hahaha :)

7) what do you love most about mrd? 
i love that there is something for everyone, everything is so stylish and can dress up even jeans and a T shirt :) i just cant get enough :)  

a little bit of sunshine

this week has been pretty fantastic...the hubby got offered his dream job, i got mrd orders for new boutiques, i got to spend a day shopping with my mom (and got some awesome new pieces...on sale of course), my brickyard buffalo deal started yesterday and is doing really well, and i added more blondes to my hair (hey, sometimes it's the little things).  it must be the "pink" full moon that is happening tonight...but for today i'm going to spread a little bit of sunshine in my yellow ombre sweater.  normally this isn't a color combo i would gravitate towards, but sometimes you need pieces that radiate light and this sweater definitely does that! 

headband: mrd, sweater: love stitch, slip: free people, flare jeans: hudson, wedges: steve madden

brickyard buffalo + two toned turbands

guess what pretties??  it's BRICKYARD BUFFALO time again!  and this time our sale is on our awesome cotton two-toned turbands!  i'm all about mixing prints and something about polka dots and florals is the perfect combo!!  so make sure and stock up HERE!!

hot pink

now that the weather is getting warmer (aka HOT), i've been craving bright neon bright!  something about wearing neon just makes me feel really tan even though i'm not right now.  and warmer weather also makes me crave baseball tees...actually that's a lie...any weather makes me crave baseball tees...there is just something about that style that i love, yet i can never find ones that are obviously when i saw this lovely i knew it must be mine asap!  i'm sure you've seen this amazing tee by alissa from printed palette...i mean this girl has her designs everywhere because they rock, so i'm so happy to be part of the cool kids club and have one of my own!!

fluff headband: mrd, tee: printed palette, maxi: old navy

side note...i really wanted a black maxi skirt to wear with this top, but all i had was a black maxi dress, which when i washed it kinda shrunk a little and i hate wearing maxis that don't touch the i snipped off the top of my dress and made it a skirt...done and done!  what are you craving now that summer is getting closer??

mrd girl francesca

happy monday pretties!!  how was everyone's weekend??  i worked all weekend, so i'm so happy to have today off...where i'll be working...on hair pretties...which is not really like work so it's all good!  today i'm also sharing our newest mrd girl...who is seriously soooo adorbs!!

1) where do you live and what do you do? 
I'm in the 4th grade in NJ and I am an actress & model in NYC.  

2) what's the one movie you could watch every day and still love? 
Beverly Hills Chihuahua it's so cute!

3) three most fave things to eat...because really who can pick just one?  
Grilled octopus, my moms pasta and cupcakes 

4) fave place to shop?  
Claire's I love accessories 

5) what is your "go-to" starbucks drink?
Pumpkin Spice decaf it's so good

6) what is your guilty pleasure tv show?
I love Good Luck Charlie

7) what do you love most about mrd?
It's comfortable to wear, colorful and pretty

is it bad that she's in 4th grade and i totally want to steal her outfit?  i mean, this girl has pattern mixing down to an art!!  thanks frankie for being the perfect mrd girl!!  and if you want to be the next mrd girl all you need is an mrd and a camera (plus you get a FREE hair pretty!!!)...shoot me and email for more info:

i'm blue...

i'm starting to really love being a little boho chic...
i also love getting cute free people sweaters on sale...when i saw this baby shopping a few weeks ago i snatched it's soooo soft...and when this bi polar san antonio weather warms up again i think it would be so cute with my polka dot short shorts!!
headband: mrd, butterfly necklace: tiffany & co., sweater: free people
jeans: hudson, wedges: steve madden

it's also been a sad week in the this weekend make sure you give all your loved ones an extra hug and enjoy the freedom to do little things, like stop and smell the spring flowers.