dream, believe, achieve

sometimes i still have to pinch myself over certain things.  one of those things is that my hair accessory line is sold at the Henri Bendel flagship store in NYC.  never in a million years did i think that something  i made, piece by piece, in a tiny corner of my house, would be sold at such an iconic store.  and even though my pieces have been there for over 2 years now, i still don't really believe it...it's a dream come true and i'm soooo grateful that it's something i get to experience...and brag about;)  so as i'm working on my newest spring order to ship over to bendel's, i'm reminded that nothing is impossible...and it's ok to dream big because dreams to come true!  and thank you to all of my wonderful mrd pretties (you guys, not the bands) for supporting and loving me and the line!  i'm so thankful for all of you!!

 aren't these shoes just the most amazing things ever...they're like my version of ruby slippers...
there's no place like home, there's no place like home...

hair pretty: mrd, sweatshirt: sincerely jules, tulle skirt: anthro, shoes: anthro

that's my "i can't believe i get to do the things i love, and wear a tulle skirt and sparkle shoes and a huge flower in my hair, yay me" look!

spring giveaway!!

can you believe it's almost april...which means spring!!!  and what better way to get excited for the fresh spring air then with a giveaway!!  ashley from after nine to five put together a great group of girls  giving away all kinds of goodies!!  check it out!

Spring Giveaway copy
Happy Wednesday! We have a rockin' giveaway for you today from a great group of bloggers and handmade business owners. These girls are crazy talented so be sure to stop by their blogs, visit their shops, and say hello on Twitter or Facebook after you've entered to win this fabulous swag. And if you're interested in taking part in next month's giveaway (the theme is Eco-Friendly/Earth Day) - just let us know! We'd love to have you :)

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the lyra flower headband

A Lyra Flower Headband

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mrd girl katelyn

happy monday pretties!  i hope everyone had a fab weekend!  i spent it making LOTS of new mrd pretties that will be in the shop this week...the mrd signature flower is making it's comeback!!  it's also time for our newest mrd girl!!  enjoy...

1) where do you live and what do you do? 
Loup City, NE. I am a part time sales clerk at a local variety store and full time homemaker.

2) what's the one movie you could watch every day and still love? 
The A&E Pride and Prejudice mini-series. The one with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Nothing compares to that movie. 

3) three most fave things to eat...because really who can pick just one? 
Buffalo wings, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and any thing Italian.

4) fave place to shop? 
Forever 21

5) what is your "go-to" starbucks drink? 
Cinnamon Dolce 

6) what is your guilty pleasure tv show? 
The Big Bang Theory

7) what do you love most about mrd? 
I have pin-straight hair, it doesn't curl well at all. So having some mrds helps dress up my otherwise boring hair.

how cute is that last pic!  if that doesn't scream mrd girl, i don't know what does!  katelyn is rockin' one of our signature mrd fluffs and looking oh so pretty!! and if you want to be the next mrd girl all you need is an mrd and a camera...(plus you get a FREE pretty!!!)  send me an email for more info: milarosedesigns@yahoo.com.

a little nautical

spring is in the air...well more like summer in texas...and whenever i think of spring, i always think nautical...and this top is the perfect little nautical look...and as you know i love any item of clothing that has a "twirl" factor.  i saw this pop of chiffon trim and i was sold!  and can we just talk about this mint floral necklace for a sec....ADORBS!!!  thanks to all of you that saw my fb pic and convinced me that i need it...like i really needed any convincing;)  

headband: mrd, necklace: apricot lane, top: charming charlie
jeans: forever21, wedges: steve madden

and the twirl pic...i had to do it!  happy weekend pretties!  i'm spending the weekend working on new pretties...hooray!!

part time in pink

when j and i first moved out here, i was struggling with finding balance.  as someone who usually had at least 2 jobs at a time, it was very difficult for me to focus on just mrd.  i needed to get out and interact with people and be surrounded by fashion again, so a few weeks ago i got a part time job at a local boutique.  it's good because i get to actually wear things other than my pjs all day and i get to meet the people of san antonio...it's bad because i'm not in my pjs all day and i get to meet the people of san antonio.  don't get me wrong...for the most part everyone here is so much friendlier than back home, however in the area i'm in they seem to be a bit behind fashion wise...but it is a lot of fun to help women put looks together that they never would have thought to wear...and i have the feeling i'm going to have quite a few stories to share!

headband: mrd, chambray shirt: gap, necklace: dd & bells, hot pink shorts: anthro, 
glitter belt: apricot lane, leopard shoes: mia

p.s. check out my awesome new signature courtesy of my blog bestie kelly from messy.dirty.hair!  love her!!!

alyssa in africa

this is my friend alyssa (rockin' an mrd of course)...and i know, she's gorgeous!  she literally is one of the sweetest girls i know, which is why when i found out that she is raising money to go to Pemba, Mozambique this summer, i wanted to help spread the word!  below is a little bit about what alyssa will be doing, in her words.

This summer begins my African adventure.  I will be attending Heidi Baker’s Harvest School with Iris Ministries (irisglobal.org) from June 1-August 6.  I am BEYOND excited to be going!!  The Lord is so faithful with communicating His plans for our lives if we just say Yes to where He is taking us.
My initial reaction to going to Africa was, “Heck. No.”  I hate bugs.  Going to Africa is trendy.  Everyone wants to go help orphans.  TOMS shoes, Invisible Children, many other business and non-profs have popularized a country that is desperately in need of the aid of the world.  But I was content to buy shoes, bracelets, and plan my life here in the US.
But when the Lord called me to apply for the school, He reminded me of when I was a brand-new 18 and told Him I would go anywhere He wanted me to go, He could send me anywhere and I would go.  My ability to resist Him melted as I flash-backed to that tender moment between me and Jesus.  I gave Him the only thing I ever have to give: my Yes.
And what so readily happens when Jesus has your heart, is that your affects turn to what He is asking of you.  My heart has begun to long to be in Africa and see what He is doing there, to play with orphans who have been taken in by men and women who saw them in their pitiful, beaten, broken, diseased, lonely state and welcomed them into the healing family and presence of Jesus.  I want to learn from the pastors they are raising up to be pillars in their communities.  I want to go see love in action as we go into the bush and set up conferences to pray for the sick, the diseased, the deaf, the blind, and the mute, and to see them receive the healing that Jesus pours out on the hearts that are desperate for Him.
Most of all, I want Jesus.  If He is calling me to be in Africa for a little over two months, I know He will meet me there and use the experience to change my life forever.  I am so desperate for more of Jesus.  We live in a country where it is so easy to satiate and silence the tender voice of our souls crying out for our Father Who loves us so much. I long to be in His presence with His children in whatever place He calls me to.
If you would like to help me get to Africa in any way possible, please shoot me an email at thrillofhope@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you, hear your story, and be encouraged by your prayers.  Please visit Iris Ministries website and give them lots of money to help them love orphans, families, communities, and countries.
Jesus is worthy to receive the reward of His sufferings.
Saying Yes to Him is the most courageous and rewarding response I could ever utter.  He has my life and I am so excited to see what else He does!!!

i'm so excited for alyssa to take this trip...this girl is going to do great things!! so in an effort to help raise money for her to attend this school, she is selling these tees for $20.
i mean who doesn't love a good graphic tee, right?  so if you have any extra money and want to help, shoot her an email (thrillofhope@gmail.com) and order a tee or two;)  and even if you don't want a tee, or don't have any extra to give, shoot her an email anyways and wish her well!  

be pretty~melis

little lace dress

i've got so much going on in my head right now, yet i seem to have nothing to say...
so i will say this...
this little lace dress kinda reminds me of a dress a little girl would wear...which makes me like it so much more.  my sister and i would always joke about starting a clothing line that was made up of little girl clothes in big sizes.  give me a huge tulle skirt and a cute graphic tee with a bow on it and i'm a happy 4 year old....one day...it's gonna happen!

headband: mrd, dress: kensie, shoes: toms
p.s. are we enjoying the ufo satellite dish behind my head...um yeah...

be pretty~melis