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ice storms and star tees...

Well everyone...I survived Icemaggedon 2018!  Basically the entire state of Texas was closed yesterday due to it being covered in a blanket of ice, which is honestly so funny to me because I'm from the midwest...if someone mentions ice storm you just roll your eyes and make sure you have an extra scraper for your car and go on with your day.  However in the south, people spend over an hour trying to scrape ice off with their credit cards and for some reason everyone buys like 3 dozen eggs to prepare.  Dude that's a lot of eggs...I mean if I know I'm going to be stuck inside all day then you best believe I'm stocking up on wine, cool ranch doritos, and bagel bites...not eggs...ugh texas.  

 But all this ice means I got a "snow day" which let me spend the day snuggling with H and giving the blog a little facelift!  

peanut butter energy balls

Happy Monday pretties!  Big news today...in my quest to accomplish #DryJanuary I have already failed.  Yep that's right...I lasted 13 days before I was like, wait why am I doing this I just really want some wine, so I'm going to have some because I do what I want, moments.  But thankfully I am not afraid of failure.  I fail all them time, multiple times, and it doesn't scare me because I learn every time I fail.  And while I did not accomplish my goal of no alcohol for 31 days, I made it to 13 and learned that maybe trying to change all aspects of how you live your life all at once is not the smartest idea because you pretty much will fail at something.  

mainstream boutique ootd #3: color block and accessory pops

 TGIF am I right??  Why is it that the one month I want to go super fast (stupid Dry January) is going super slow...ugh but at least I can be happy that a cold front is coming and I don't have to pack my sweaters just yet.  Who am I kidding though, I never pack the sweaters because I wear them in the summer...yay me!

mainstream boutique ootd #2: swing dress and a cardi

 We're halfway through the week pretties and I am wearing another super cute outfit from Mainstream Boutique!  Since the weather in SA is so up and down layers are a must because you never know if you're going to be freezing or sweating...which is why I always have a chunky cardi on hand.  Like no joke the back seat of my car has like 5 of them just chilling waiting to be worn...but you can never have to many which is why I love this neutral cream one from Mainstream!  It goes with just about anything, but it's kind of perfect paired with this dusty rose embroidered swing dress!

mainstream boutique ootd #1: jeggings and distressed sweaters

 Happy Monday pretties!!  We're a full week into the new year which also means I'm a full week into eating healthy, working out, and no bubbles...and excluding the occasional crazy moment of really wanting cake, I am feeling pretty good...and I'm really hoping I can keep it up this week!  And I'm also excited to be partnering up with an adorbs local shop, Mainstream Boutique SA, this week to show off some of their newest arrivals!

winter bodies...

 Well pretties, we survived the first week of the new year...and for me it was a struggle.  First of all, going back to work after having 10 days off is always brutal and then it was unusually cold here which made getting out of my comfy blanket filled bed even more difficult...and then there is the start of the new year, lets be healthy and work out plan.