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handsome henri...

 Happy hump day pretties!  Instead of a fashion post today, I'm sharing some of the newest Camden Lane bandanas modeled by the most perfect dog you've ever seen, my fur baby, Henri Oliver.  I know I've said this a million times before, but 

sunday with my sister...

So last week I worked way more than usual since I'm taking off a day this week to go see Dashboard Confessional, so yesterday was technically my only day off.  And since my baby sister is in town we were going to spend the day at the zoo...until we got there and apparently everyone and their mother, and grandmother, and second cousins best friend's aunt decided that they also thought it was a good day to go the zoo...so after driving around trying to find parking we had to ditch the zoo and take my sister to my fave place...the pearl!  

Yes, the same pearl I wrote about last monday because it's literally just the best...and my future home...so get used to reading all about it!  Since we got there early it was still cloudy and cool so it was perfect weather for walking around and people watching!  And perfect for some blog pics!!

And then J got home early from work and we got to have an impromptu date night which literally never happens.  Honestly with his schedule I've barely seen him the past two weeks so it was a really nice surprise!  I hope this means that the rest of the week will be full of happy surprises and all good things.  

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pretty and powerful

Being a girl is awesome...and it's hard...really hard.  It's hard to not being taken seriously.  It's hard to second guess what you're going to wear so you don't get the "wrong" kind of attention.  It's hard to be successful without someone assuming that you had help.  It's hard to use your voice and speak your truth without someone saying you're being a bitch.  It's hard to take pride in how you present yourself without being accused of being vain and selfish.  It's hard to fight back without someone saying that you're making shit up.  

And in this crazy world that we live in, where being a girl kind of makes you lesser than, it's hard to feel like things are going to change.  It's hard to keep standing tall.  It's hard to hear others say that you'll never be good enough.   It's hard to see other girls so broken down.  And it's hard to stay silent.

Because you know what guys...

I don't give a flock...

Are you ever just so over it that you literally give zero f*cks?  I'm about at that point right now...and it's not so much even things that are going on in my own life, but it's everyone surrounding me that is pretty much driving me crazy.  Like I'm actually about to lose my mind.  It's just so frustrating 

saturday at the farmers market...

 Does anyone else feel cheated that it's already Monday AND we lost an hour this weekend?  I mean so not fair!  It was however a lovely Saturday...well at least

shake it off...

Hello Friday!!  The vibes today are wild and carefree, but honestly that's so far from what I've been feeling lately.  As many of you know, my word of the year is...fearless.  Except the older I get, the more I worry about shit...and I feel like ever since I moved to Texas I have actual anxiety issues that I never had before...and it sucks.  I don't like feeling anxious, and I don't like stressing over stupid things...yet I do get anxious and I do stress over stupid things, which makes me more stressed and anxious...ugh so annoying.  

And now I'm noticing that my stress is making H stressed, which breaks my heart.  Sooooo...it's time to get back on track.  To remember that life is short, so I shouldn't be worried about the little things and I should be a little more wild.  To just shake it off, and have random dance parties...even if it's just with H and I, and to laugh at myself for being worried about things that are totally out of my control.   And if I get too crazy I can always blame it on the moon right?

So next time life gets hard, I'm going to remember to be fearless and be a little more like the moon.  Because although she might not always show her entire self she always rises every night to shine bright!!  

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