Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Oh boy...we are having one of those weeks again.  One of those weeks where you realize not to sweat the small stuff.  When you realize that the universe is trying to tell you something...that you were meant for bigger and better things.  That for every good piece there is going to be a flash of bad to try and bring you down but then you just laugh and say um yeah I got this...nice try.  When you know that you're the like this floral bomber jacket.  You're kinda too cool for school...which means that some people are just going to be haters because...obvi they're just jelly...but those that know the real you know that hey...she's going to skip her way into work bc that jacket has flowers and that dress has pockets...mic drop.

And for those of you that pray, or meditate, or worship the sky and the trees, or wish on a shooting me a favor and send some loving vibes to my baby seester today that has to have last minute eye surgery.  I wish I could be there to hold her hand and make her laugh while she looks like a pirate for the next few weeks, but I'm stuck here and arrrrrrrrrr that makes me sad...get it...pirate.  So yeah...all cheese aside...please say a little sweet something that all goes well!  Thanks pretties!!!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

friday flares...

 What's better than the fact that it's Friday?  The fact that it's Friday and I'm going shopping instead of's called a mental health day lol.  The last few weeks of work have been emotionally draining and sometimes you just a need a day to not think about anything at that's what I'm going to do!  Also it's going to be in the 80s again and I feel like no one should have to work when it's February and sunny and 80 degrees I right?  

So I hope you guys having fun slaving away today while I'm fancy free in my flares!  And p.s. this is one of my fave's kind of old lady looking in a way, but I think that's why I bought it.  You can't go wrong with a little grandma chic!!  Peace out pretties!!

 photo 6ecd2016-a0b2-4779-91c9-7ab27737b07b_zpsa031f7e1.jpg

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

suck it...

Do you ever feel like life is just messing with us? is something really amazing and then oh is this big pile of poo.  Seriously how are we suppose to live like annoying!!  Maybe it's because I just watched "This Is Us" which literally kills me every I'm not one to just start crying, but that show just gets me every.single.time...but life is way to short to have to deal with stupid people, and silly drama, and things that just aren't worth our time.  

I feel like the older I get the more petty people get, which is weird because I feel like, um hi, you're a grown up so act like it.   And I'm the first one to admit that I'm a kid at heart, but you can be a kid at heart and still realized that you're an adult and that your actions mean something.  Why all this randomness you ask...I had someone...or several someones...challenge me...who I am.  And let me tell you...if I was a bitch, or did something shitty, I would be the first to own it.  That's who I me out and I will own it and then be yeah, I said that, so what now?  I speak the truth...and to me that's what is important...and if you don't like it then that's on you...but when someone makes up lies about me and puts it out there...that just makes me sad.  The one thing that drives me so crazy is a liar.  I would rather you tell me the most awful thing, but have it be the truth, than have you lie to me or about me.  

So to those that lied...and spread the lies...shame on you.  You make me want to punch you in the face...not so much for lying but because you should be better than that.  You should be setting a better example....shame on you...but some people just suck at life...and I've come to accept that.  So today I just remind myself that as long as J and H and my family love me then I'm good and for all the haters out there...just remember...karma is a bitch.  

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Monday, February 20, 2017

it has pockets...

 How is it Monday already?  I'm super jelly if you have off today because I totes could have used an extra day of relaxation!  I did however have a very exciting weekend!  I can't tell you too much at the moment, but I had a really fun photo shoot for an upcoming something special!  I met a new photographer friend, who was so sweet, and I had a blast climbing up hills, laying on rocks, and hiking miles in a sequin dress and pink booties.  I have some killer blisters and my legs are still sore but I can't wait to see the images and share what they're for! 

It was also so cool to work with someone who does photographer for a living!  My little bro, who I totally adore, takes my blog pics, and honestly we don't really have a clue what we're doing half of the time.  We just try and find a spot where we're not blinded by the sun and I do a few twirls and he shoots and we laugh and then we go get Taco Bell.  But it was fun to work with someone that actually knows what's going on and to learn a few tricks to take back for my future photos.  

So, I can't wait to share what all of this was for, but in the meantime enjoy this super cozy cute outfit that is perfect for a Monday...comfy, trendy, and totes it has pockets!!!

 photo 6ecd2016-a0b2-4779-91c9-7ab27737b07b_zpsa031f7e1.jpg

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

my dog is my valentine...


 Happy Valentine's Day lovelies!!  Since J will be working I'll be spending my night with my other true love, Henri Oliver!!  And can we talk about how adorbs this Sincerely Jules graphic tee is?  I snagged it on sale and thought it would be perfect for V-Day!!  Paired with a midi pleated skirt and my fave free people booties (which J bought for me because he's the best hubby), and a big fat pink mrd bow, I have the perfect look to celebrate love!  Even H got in on the pink and red action with an mrd bloom!!  So wether you're having a romantic date night out on the town with the one you love, or are curled up on the couch with your fur baby and a glass of wine, I hope you have a lovely V-Day!!

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Friday, February 10, 2017

plaid and flares...

 It's Friyay...and apparently a full moon, eclipse, and a comet are coming in strong tonight...which would explain all the drama happening this week...ugh.  Do you ever feel like just quitting everything and starting fresh?  I guess that's what the full moon does to you...brings out all the emotions and truths and shines them in your face and says "look at me" and then forces you to make a choice.  Well played moon...well played.

So while I'm contemplating life, enjoy these lovely pics of Henri and I in our "mommy and me" matching outfits...because nothing makes me happier than twinning with my fur baby!  

 photo 6ecd2016-a0b2-4779-91c9-7ab27737b07b_zpsa031f7e1.jpg
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