life according to henri: and fur baby makes three...'s Henri...
and I already know what you're thinking...(bc that's how I roll)...does this dog just spend his days getting his picture professionally taken?  Well, if you looked this good isn't that what you would do?  And no...I don't always have the paparazzi following me around, but since this is just my second post I wanted to make a good second I'm talking about my family today and trying to find a picture with me and both my parents is almost impossible unless it's a scheduled blames that on dad...
And speaking of dad...this is him.  He is basically a real life super hero...he sleeps in with me everyday and we snuggle and then he puts on his uniform with his special belt of weapons and he catches criminals.  I would love to be his partner in crime at work but things like bugs and water creep me out, so I don't think I would be that helpful in an actual scary crime situation...however I am a great partner in crime at home.  He eats the pizza and I eat the crust.  He takes off his socks and I grab them and give them holes to air them out so they don't smell.  He farts on mom and then I put my butt in her face and I fart on mom.  We have a special bromance.
And you already know M...and as much as I like to make fun of her "fashion blog where she basically just complains about everything" she is my favorite.  She gives up her beauty sleep to walk me (lets be real I walk her) every morning and always tells me how great I am for you get that kind of selfless encouragement every day...I doubt it.  She keeps my closet fully stocked with all the latest and blue are my colors...and makes sure I always have a soft fluffy blanket to be covered in.  She's always bringing me new toys, and treats, and she always makes sure I'm happy...which sometimes gets sometimes I just want to sleep in my own bed and have some me time, but she will literally come and lay right beside me on the floor...but I secretly love her for it.
And if you read my first post, then you know that I'm not too sure what happened the first year and half of my life.  One day I was roaming the streets, and because I'm super smart, I followed home Audrey, a snipsa foster, who took me in for a bit, but then she couldn't keep me so I went to another snipsa foster, Denise.  She was great and I was the the first foster dog she had to be allowed to sleep in the bed...but really one look at this face and how could you not give me whatever I want?  And when my parents came to meet me, I was a little shy, because I had never had a real family so I wasn't sure what that meant...but M said the moment she saw my picture she knew that I was going to be her dog.  Me on the other hand...I wasn't so sure...when they took me home I instantly bonded with dad bc he had dogs growing up.  M did she had no clue what she was doing...and she wanted me to like her so badly, but I'm an independent soul, which she should have realized right away bc she is the same, so I needed time to know if I could trust her.  But after two major medical issues...apparently I was a "hot mess", and hours of puppy training and playing, and snuggles, and realized that both my parents would do anything for me...and that I finally had a family that was all mine...and you know what that means...
That I am the most spoiled and loved human dog ever...and we wouldn't have it any other way...and it's ok to be jealous...I would be too if your parents were as hot as mine...and you were as handsome as me...and your family photo was basically perfection...

you're like really pretty...

Ugh Monday...why are you here so soon??  The only thing that can make you better...knowing that it's back to school season.  And while I'm not actually going back to school, I love every single thing about this time...most specifically new clothes and back to school supplies.  Honestly it's a little scary how many schools supplies, that I do not need, that I've actually acquired in the last 2 weeks.  I'm just a sucker for notebooks and pens.

And just because I'm not going back to school doesn't mean that I shouldn't be allowed to go back to school shopping right?  That used to be my fave time when I was in school.  I would lay out all of my purchases and put together different outfits and then model them and take pics...a little Clueless of me, but what can I say...I love fashion!!  And while the only thing that is new in this outfit is this perfect tee from The Texas Unicorn, I feel like this is totally something I would have worn on my first day.  It's like the perfect mix of not trying to hard, but still making a good first how can you go wrong with a Mean Girls quote?    And this star backpack from Henri Bendel, monogrammed of course, is the best accessory for my faux back to school outfit!

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life according to henri: say my name, say my name...'s Henri...
If you are here hoping to see some outfit posts from my mom and listen to her complain yet again about summer, texas, or allergies then you should probably stop reading right now...however if you're more a fan of dogs that write blogs, and really who isn't, then you should stick around.

Now I'm sure you have so many questions right now, and I pretty sure I know that first one that instantly popped into your head.  "How is this dog so ridiculously good looking?"  It's the same question I ask myself every time my mom, let's just call her M, holds up that stupid phone to take a selfie and I see my reflection in that tiny screen.  Honestly the only reason I put up with her and "selfie time" is so I can look at myself.
Second question you're probably thinking is: "how can dogs even write a blog"...and to that I say...because I'm a human dog, duh.  Anything you can do, I can do better.  I mean, I love M with all my heart...she is my mom after all, but sometimes reading her blog gets boring...I think she's just a little too nice when she writes...she does like having a little fluff to her stories, but I'm a human dog so I can do whatever I want.  So I asked her nicely with my big brown puppy dog eyes if I could blog once a week...and then I gave her lots of snuggles and kisses and could she say no to this yeah, I'm a dog...who blogs...because I'm a badass who does what he wants!
Now you're also probably wondering how I got my name, but you know what I'm wondering?  Why I am called a million and one different things besides my actual name.  Why give someone a name if they're never going to be called by it?  It's like those idiots that call someone by their middle name instead of their first.  If you want that to be your name then make it your first name.  Why are humans so complicated?  And while my parents have never called me Oliver, I literally have like 17 nicknames and that list keeps growing.  
Baby Love
Sweet Baby Love
Buddha Bear
Buddha Lovey
Wiggle Bootie
Sweet Boy
Snuggle Bugs
Cray Cray Lovies
Sweet Henri
Seriously Henri
Come on Henri
Really Dude

The last three are used most often when I'm supposed to be pooping but I'm distracted by you know, everything...but how am I supposed to really listen if I don't know what my real name is?  And apparently I was named after some fancy store in NYC that carried M's hair may have heard of it...Henri Bendel.  So basically I was born to be a big deal.  Well, actually I don't know where I was born or what happened the first year of my life, but I do know that I ended up with the most amazing parents that let me do whatever I want because I, 
Henri Oliver, the First of His Name, The Flawless Face, King of the Southern Sky, Ruler of the Human Minds, Protector of the Dirty Sock Mountains, Eater of all the Foods, Breaker of Limits and Son to the Star Goddess the shit!  

And thank you to my Auntie Betsy for capturing all of my best features, so basically all of me, for my  blog debut.  She is the best doggy photographer, although if you are one ugly mutt then I cannot guarantee that your photos will look like this.  I pretty much made her job really easy for her...

messy bun & get stuff done...or not...

 So the past few days I have been dead thanks to the poison texas air that I've been breathing in.  I haven't felt this bad in a long time and it literally just sucks all of the energy out of you and when you are slowing dying and you feel like your head is going to pop off of your body and just float away, the last thing you want to do is get super dressed up and super cute...but I have good news for you!  You can be cute yet feel nice and cozy like you are still in your pjs.  How you ask?  You grab an adorbs graphic tee like this one from The Texas Unicorn, and then wear some flowy printed boho pants from free people and it's kinda of like you just rolled out of bed but you didn't!  And while my "messy bun" consists of a cute mrd fluff it did not help me accomplish anything...because you know, dying here...but if I'm going to survive the day then you bet your ass I'm still going to look good!!  

And yes, Henri also suffers from the poison air because he is my fur baby after all, so while we both feel miserable it does give us an excuse for extra snuggles.  It's also allowed him to use his foggy allergy brain from something special which we will reveal later this week so stay tuned!!!

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sunday funday...on a monday...

Ok so I know it's Monday, but I'm still wishing is was the weekend which is why I'm sharing this adorbs Sunday Funday graphic tee from local creative Stephanie, owner of The Texas Unicorn!  Now we know that I love a good graphic tee, but my rule is you always have to dress it up.  Anyone can throw on a pair of jeans with a tee, but I think you have to actually style them to give them a little extra something special.  One of my fave ways of doing that, which is super easy, is wearing a sparkly statement necklace with a graphic tee.  It instantly dresses it up a bit!  And since it's so damn hot, I paired it with my fave olive ruffle shorts, cheetah flats, and a teal hat.  I also love the play on color in this outfit.  Just because the tee is a fun peach color doesn't mean you can't add contrasting colors to make it pop!  

As for what I did on my Sunday's pretty much the usual for to trader joes to stock up on essentials for the week...which includes fresh flowers, all kinds of fun cheeses, and lots of wine...followed by a little netflix and snuggles with Henri, and then take out dinner with the fam.  It's the perfect relaxing day and gets me ready for the work week...speaking of it friday yet?

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saved by the kimono...

 So as many of you know...or maybe you have no the fashion world, seasonal collections come out a few months before the actual season.  Now in normal parts of the universe, like back home in Illinois, this made a little more sense because they actually have seasons, but in the south it's kind of ridiculous because it is basically just hot...always hot...ugh it's the worst.  So at my boutique we just got in some "pre-fall" pieces which makes me so kid on xmas morning kind of happy...the only thing that might make me more excited is when target starts getting school supplies (which will be here any day now and I will talk all about it in another post)...but that happiness is kind of short lived because it's like...hooray we just got in this super cute velvet printed dress...and then you're like oh wait it's going to still be 100 degrees for the next 5 months...I literally live in joke.  

However if you read this blog consistently or follow me on insta, then you know I have all the tricks for dressing for cold weather in the hot hot heat.  One of those tricks is chiffon kimonos in "fall" colors, like this one.  And if I layer it over a dark charcoal swing dress and add a cheetah mrd headband, you would think, hey this is the perfect october outfit, when really it's just july and I'm just doing my best to survive, but these are the things you do when fall is your fave time of year and in fashion land fall is coming basically next week.  So thank you fashion gods for giving me a glimmer of hope by providing me with sneak peeks of fall goodness, and suck it texas for being so damn hot!!

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