rock that romp...

Want to know a secret?  This romper has been sitting in my closet...with the tags still on it...since last summer...actually it may have been there for two summers...because if I'm being honest...I think rompers are kind of stupid.  I only bought this one because at the time it kind of fit and everyone and their for real everyone AND their mom were buying rompers and I got caught up in it and felt like I should give it a chance and just buy that damn romper.  But then each time I went to put it on I looked in the mirror and was like wtf are you thinking?  It just wasn't really me...and the fact that I chug iced trenta, no water, unsweetened, green teas from starbucks meant fully undressing every time I had to pee and the thought of that was enough to make me hang it back in my closet for another day.

Now I'm not saying you shouldn't wear rompers.  If you like them and can find one that doesn't make you ass look like you're wearing a saggy diaper then by all means rock that romp, but I'm fairly certain that taking these blog pics was the first and last time I will wear this onesie and I'm totally ok with that.  I am also totally ok with my new tennies...that I just happened to find one pair of left in my size because the universe loves me...and knows that I am a Queen Bee!  Plus they make this stupid romper look just a little bit cooler!  

photos by the lovely: Betsy Herndon Photography

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dog mom af...

 As we all know, J and I rescued a dog named Henri Oliver...and he is my life.  Like no joke, obsessed!  I had no clue that when we adopted him I would turn into a crazy dog mom, but I have...I am a Dog Mom AF...and I let everyone know it!  He is my most bestest friend and I honestly cannot imagine my life without him in it!  And it also helps that he is soooo handsome and photogenic because dogs in blogs are just the best right??  And if you love your fur babies like me then head over to Arm The Animals and get yourself one of their adorbs tees!  They also have this tee in a slouchy sweatshirt which is calling my name!!

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stripes, and ruffles, and peplum...oh my

 Happy Friday pretties!!  I've got a little friyay flare action happening today and I'm so in love!  We got this shirt in at Apricot Lane SA and I am so obsessed!  Now I'll be the first to admit that when I saw it on the hanger I was wtf is this.  I mean, it literally has like a million things happening...bold stripes, button up, bows, peplum, ruffle flare was like someone said lets just put 42 different trends together in one shirt and sell it.  And to the person that did that...thank you because this shirt is literally my new fave piece in my closet. 

I love wearing things that are a little bit obnoxious.  The more things happening in a piece or outfit the more I must make it mine and work it into my wardrobe!  The second I put this top on I just wanted to twirl around!  I mean, anything that makes you want to wiggle is a win in my book!  And even though this shirt is a statement piece by itself I wanted to go big or go home which is why I paired it with some statement flares, which I think totally brings the whole look together!  It's definitely an outfit to shimmy into the weekend!!  

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is it fall yet???

 Since it's going to be in the 90s this week I figured I better share this adorbs outfit from my shoot I had a few months ago for my SA Scene Magazine feature...because obvi, I'm rockin' a sweater and looking at these pics I'm already wishing summer was over!  

One of the things I like the most about this outfit is the mix of textures and themes happening.  The fuzzy slouchy sweater, paired with the pleated midi skirt, and then the metal accessories and my fave free people boots!  It's hard and soft, girly and edgy, sweet and basically me!  So don't be afraid to pair things together that you think might not work.  It's a lot more fun to do something a little unexpected, than to play it me!!

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punk rock princess

 I went through a phase after high school where I was slightly know dashboard confessional, little boy tees from thrift stores, cutting the ends off of socks and rocking them as arm warmers.  Honestly it was one of my fave fashion times, and I love that I can still embrace some of that today...and younger me would have prob laughed at current me, who paid for a "vintage band looking" tee that already has holes in it...oops!

And for those of you that follow the blog, you know that I rarely ever put a cute graphic tee with jeans.  To me that is just so typical and boring, so instead I layered a polka dot slip underneath and paired it with some flares, because well, flares are the shit...duh!  And there you have it...the perfect emo outfit for current me!

And just an fyi...I still absolutely love dashboard and rock out to them on the daily...hands down...the best!

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it's gonna be may...

 Um...not quite sure how this happened, but it's freaking MAY!!!  I feel like I had such big plans for this year and it's literally almost half way over.  I also thought this year was going to be so much better than last year and while it's had it's ups it has definitely not been smooth sailing.  This is one of those years that is forcing me to look, wide eyed, at everything.  It's so easy to fall into the rhythm of life, yet not really be living it.  Being a grown up is hard...and there are times that I forget that it's not all about work, and paying bills, and trying to eat the right things, and all that boring stuff.  Sometimes it's about just being silly, and eating cake for breakfast, and loving life and I think along the way I forgot about that.  So, with this new month, comes a new me...are we ready?

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