i don't wanna grow up...

Sometimes I forget how old I really am.  Partly because I don't look my age (as I'm told all the time), I don't dress my age (although I don't know how people my age are supposed to dress), and I work with a bunch of 18 year olds (who keep me young).  Like I literally have to pause and think how old I am if someone asks because in my head there is no way I'm this old.  

The best thing about this though is that you look young, yet you've already dealt with all the crap you go through in your late teens and twenties.  Like the girls I work with...I adore every single one of them.  They are so sweet and so fun and sometimes I think...oh I wish I was 18 again.  And then I hear them talk about friends, and college, and boys, and I am SO happy that I'm so over all of that.  I like being the "wise one" and their voice of reason to help them with the boy trouble and college apt decorating and what clothes are acceptable to wear.   

So I will continue to buy new crayons, and wear smock dresses, and use anti aging serum before I go to bed...but I think the trick to looking young is staying young at heart.  Finding happiness in the smallest things and celebrating everything.  Basically channeling your inner 4 year old because who wouldn't want to spend a day swinging on a swing...in ruffles and bows...and eating cake?

hair clip: MRD, dress: target, scarf: apricot lane, shoes: dsw

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friday, i'm in love...with Henri

 You guys...this face...I mean is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  I am head over heels for my little fur baby Henri.  I honestly think he is like my spirit animal...he was definitely meant to be my dog and I was definitely meant to be his clueless dog mom.  I mean sometimes I think we're the same person/animal.   We're both stubborn and don't like to follow the rules...we both love to eat pretty much all the time...we both get super excited about the littlest things...we like taking selfies...we hate the texas heat (a/c all the way)...we do what we want, when we want...oh yeah, and we're both very attractive:)

And honestly, I didn't even know I could love someone this much.  I mean obviously I love my husband and my family and baked goods, but having a fur baby that relies on you for everything just changes the whole love game.  I would literally do anything for Henri...and I think he knows that which is why sometimes he's a total brat...just another thing we have in common.  

I guess I didn't realized when we rescued him that not only would I be saving his life, but he would be saving mine as well.  He's making me a better person and helping me to live in the moment...even when some of the moments involve holes in all of my brand new throw pillows...deep breaths...

I'm just so happy that he is part of our family...and that he finally loves me back because it was touch and go there in the beginning.  I think we're finally starting to understand each other and I can't wait to see what else he has to teach me.  what are you loving this friday?
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ellies and interwebs

So I started up my blog with the best intentions of blogging more than once a week...yet here we are...a week later.  Except this time it's totes not my fault.  Apparently any little storm in TX makes the electricity go out...it's so dumb...and so annoying...and it fried my interwebs connector box thingy so I've been without the interwebs since last fri...and the best part...they can't come to fix it until next weds...no not today...the following weds.  Big.Fat.Fail.

So I'm sneaking over to the parentals to steal their interwebs because honestly I can't live without it.  It's a little sad actually...I mean how am I expected to go a whole day without checking instagram or stalking someone on FB? Perhaps this week will make me a little more zen and in tune with things that matter...like my husband and my dog...or it'll just make me crazier because when I'm bored at night and want to start pinning new apt ideas I can't....poop.
 ellie turband: MRD, necklace: ootra, top: asos, shorts: apricot lane, shoes: apricot lane

Good news is, being at the parentals forces me to take more outfit pics...plus they have more foods than we do at my place...hooray!!

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and she's back...

Did you miss me?  Well I'm back...and as you may have noticed...I have a brand new blog name!  I'm still in the process of making everything else all new and pretty, but I figured my name was a good place to start!  When I originally started my blog I did it with the sole purpose of using it to help promote MRD...I mean it just made sense to start a blog, except I wasn't really writing for me...I was writing for my business.   I mean you can really only read about hair accessories so many times before you get bored.  I was even bored writing about it so I stopped...but lately I had an "aha" moment and realized that my blog could be about whatever I want...and you know why...because it's my blog and I do what I want...so there!

 So welcome back to my new little space on the interwebs where I share about the things I love.  Expect to see some fabulous fashion, my obsession with my fur baby, all thing food related, some MRD goodness of course, and all the other random things that make up my little life!

I hope you're as excited as I am to be back!  And if there is something you want to see or know, leave me a comment below!
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