Miss U. Dig U. Love U.

I know, I know....it's been over a month and I haven't posted anything, even though I promised I would be better.  It's kind of like exercising....I keep saying I'll start on Monday, and then it turns into next Monday....and then I decide to bake cupcakes.... you get the idea lol, BUT this time I'm going to be more on top of this lovely blog;)  Hooray!!!

So all day I've had this great new song in my head...no, it's not "Friday" by Rebecca Black...blah...it's "miss u. dig u. love u." by Alicia Broussard.  She's an amazing artist that was just at SXSW and just released her new music video....where she is rockin' "the dita" made by yours truly:)  She looks so pretty in her mila rose and I'm so honored that she chose to wear it.  There are also a few other mila's dancing in that video...can you guess which ones?  I wish Alica the best of luck with her music career!  Make sure and check out her facebook page and enjoy humming along to her new song!!

be pretty~melis