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So when you get tired of stalking people on facebook today go check out Creative Apples to see a lovely feature about yours truly!  It's also posted on Handmadeology!  Yay:)  Thanks so much for spreading the pretty!

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NY Times Anyone...

Oh hello NY times....what a lovely little article you have here....with that perfect little picture...of the too cute actress Faith Wladyka wearing her mila rose headband;)  Love it!!!  And while you're admiring how that band goes so well with that dress be sure to check out Saurette, the designer of Faith's dress.  Gorgeous clothes for your gorgeous girls.....oh how I wish I could fit into little girl sizes lol!

be pretty~melis

Best Week Ever!

Ryan Gosling and Faith Wladyka
at the Blue Valentine Screening Dec 5th.
(photo via Just Jared)
Morning Pretties!  Wanted to share some great news with everyone.  First of all my bday was on Monday...not really the great news part, but anyone that knows me knows that I talk about my bday for about a month before and a month after it lol.  On my bday I decided to put it out to the universe that my 28th year was going to be my best year yet, and if it's going to be anything like this week then I'm in for one awesome ride:)

Faith Wladyka at the Blue Valentine movie premiere
(photo via
So Tues (dec 7th), was the NYC premiere of the movie Blue Valentine, starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.  Their daughter in the movie is played by the adorable actress Faith Wladyka, and I had the honor of making her a custom mila rose headband to wear for the premiere!!  Faith wore the pale pink triple flower band to both the Blue Valentine Screening on Dec 5th at the Tribeca Grill Loft in NYC, and then to the premiere held at the Museum of Modern Art.  She also rocked some blue sequin heart mila rose bobbies and a red double flower mila rose band to her other press events.  Hopefully this is just the start of mila rose showing up on the red carpet;)

Faith, with director Derek Cianfrance
and co-stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, wearing her mila rose.
(photo via
Yay!!  For more pics and pretty visit mila rose designs!  
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Shoe Lovelies!

So if you've checked out our etsy site lately you will see we just listed a pair of our new "shoe lovelies" aka shoe clips!  They are black sequin hearts and look adorable on just about any pair of shoes or boots.  Such an easy way to add a little sparkle;)

They've also just been given a shot out in AnitaWeds blog!  Yay!  Thanks for spreading some mila rose love!

We will have more styles for you soon and will have some good news to share about the sequin hearts...stay tuned...

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Just Like Molly

Check out the latest blog post from Just Like Molly who included some of our pretty bobbies in her Guide to Style Defining Accessories!

be pretty~melis

Ponies & Pins!

So while I'm a headband junkie, I understand that not everyone is ready to wear a fabulous creation on their pretty little heads.  That is why mila rose now has ponies and pins...doesn't every girl want a pony? ;)  Think of these new designs as "starter" pieces...pretty little additions to your look to try before rockin' a band!

The flower pins are amazing!  Pin them on a blazer, your coat, a scarf, your purse....the possibilities are endless.  Wear one alone, or pile them on to show off your own personal style.

You can find them here:

And if you don't see a color/pattern that you like feel free to let me know what you're looking for:)

Then there is the new ponies!  I always have a hair tie on my wrist, just in case, but it's so boring.  I figured if I'm always going to wear it, it might as well be pretty, right?  The ponies come in a variety of colors/styles and can be worn on your wrist like a bracelet or in your hair.  Just think how much cuter you'll be with your hair in a ponytail when you have that fun pop of color!

You can find them here:

So check them out!  Let me know what you think!  Wear them and love them:)

be pretty~melis

thank you!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that made a purchase in the month of October!  10% of all etsy sales were donated to Susan G. Komen for the cure for beast cancer research and together we were able to donate $54.  Every little bit helps:)  You guys rock!!

be pretty~melis

GiDu Design

Featured in a new blog this week!  Thanks GiDu Design!!


Best Accesory for Fall and Winter

Glancer Magazine October Fashion Issue

What an amazing press week this has been!  Glancer Magazine's October Fashion Issue, featuring ten local designers, is out and mila rose designs is in it!!  I'm so grateful to be recognized in Naperville!  Thanks Glancer!  xoxo~melis
Bottom left...that's me:)

I heart

Morning pretties!  Just wanted to share an article from featuring mila rose!  Hooray:)

Our fave model Amanda Rose!  Isn't she gorgeous?
Go check it out and have a fabulous day!

Feather and a Top Hat

I love custom orders.  I think it's so great to be able to make someone else's vision a reality.  I also love learning what other people like and the creative ideas that they come up with.  On that note, I wanted to share what one of my new fave customers ordered recently.  I made her a super cute feather band with pale pink and bone colored saddle feathers and then a fabulous top hat band with everything from veiling and lace to rosettes and of course, more feathers:)  Can't wait to see what other wonderful ideas all of you have for new bands!  xoxo~melis

Sorry Charlie

Hello pretties!  I feel so bad that my blogging has been slacking lately!  I've been keeping busy with so many different projects and possibilities that unfortunately my writing has taken a back seat.  So I promise I will try my best to post more.  One a side note....I am SO excited for Glee to start tomorrow!  Yes I'm a gleek;)  Talk soon!

Love my rebyc bag!!!

So lets take a break from writing about myself and share one of my new little messenger bag from REBYC!  I found this amazing little etsy shop while browsing one day and knew I had to have one of these leather lovelies.  Stephanie, owner/designer, was so amazingly helpful!  I found a small bag style that I liked and then found a different bag with colors that I liked.  Steph worked with me to create the small bag style in the exact colors I wanted and the result was perfection!  I use my little REBYC all the time and always get sooooo many compliments on it.  So next time you're on etsy make sure to check out her handmade leather goodies!

A REBYC DESIGN custom bag just for me:)

Fall is on its way!!!

Check out this lovely blog post by Maru featuring all sorts of pretty things in the top fall colors.  Make sure and check out the purple orchid category;)  xoxo~melis

I Heart NY & Henri Bendel!!

So my first trip to New York was absolutely amazing!  As most of you know, I was invited to showcase my hair accessory line at the famous Henri Bendel on 5th Ave in NY.  I spent a month working and creating new designs exclusively for the store.  It was a crazy and stressful time, but also a lot of fun once I saw all of the finished "Bendel Bands".

I arrived in NY on weds, with my good friend Mia, and we spent the day exploring and shopping.  We decided to go over to Bendel's and check it out and much to my surprise they have a whole room of hair accessories.  Literally, a huge room full of headbands!!!!  I then proceeded to freak out a little bit, because why would anyone buy my headbands when there is this massive room full of them?  Well all of my fears disappeared on thurs, the first day of our trunk show....I sold half of my Bendel Bands the first day!!!  It was such a great feeling to hear all of the positive feedback and Mia and I had an amazing group of sales girls helping us!  It was also nice to see the bands on someone other than myself....if you know me well you know I have no problem staring at myself in the mirror all day, but it was so fun to see how the bands looked on other gorgeous girls;)  Friday, day two of trunk show, was soooooo slow.  According to the "hair guru" who was working, a lot of people are in the Hamptons in the summer on the weekends so it's not as busy....well la tee da!!  I did get to speak with the buyer of Bendel's though and she had nothing but great things to say so that was good!

Saturday Mia and I spent the day being nerdy tourists in NY.  I took my first subway ride, which was gross...complete with pee on the floor of the elevator...YUCK!!!  We walked the Brooklyn Bridge (and I hate bridges), checked out Times Square, and most importantly went to Mood!!!!  For those of you that don't know, Mood is the amazing fabric store that the contestants from Project Runway go to for their fabric on the show.  That place was fantastic!  I could have been in there for days and still not have seen everything. I ended up getting some amazing textured leathers, some cool antique buttons and some really pretty silk chiffon....oh and a Mood tee...because I'm a nerd:)  It was a great way to end my NY adventure.

Overall, I think the whole weekend was a huge success.  I met so many great people, got some great insight into the types of styles that sell on the east coast as opposed to the midwest, got some super cool fabric that I wouldn't be able to find in Chicago, ate some amazing food, and spread all kinds of mila rose prettiness throughout NY!  It was fabulous and hopefully I'll be doing it again soon!  xoxo~melis

Etsy FP

mila rose designs was finally featured on the front page of Etsy!  Soooooooo exciting:)

It's Almost "B" Day...

I cannot believe that "B" Day aka Bendel's is almost here.  This past month has been headband madness.  Every free moment I've had has been spent headbanding and I've finally put all the finishing touches on the Bendel Bands (as I know refer to them as).  It's so neat to see what was once a huge pile of fabric and ribbon, is now amazing little works of art!

I also want to say how truly grateful I am for my absolutely amazing friends and family.  You have been so supportive and generous and if it wasn't for all of you, this trip would have never I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me!  There will be endless amounts of cupcakes for all of you when I get back;)

So Peace Out Chicago and Hello New York...I hope you're ready to Be Pretty!!


Giveaway Blogdom

Check out this fabulous blog feature, from the lovely Brandy of Giveaway Blogdom, featuring yours truly;)  Thanks Brandy!!!  You rock!  xoxo~melis

Bendel Bands

In one week we will be showcasing our new collection at Henri Bendel in New York!  A lot of love went into this whole process and hopefully we will be a huge success:)  Here is a sneak peek at some of our Bendel Bands!  xoxo~melis

Bows, Bows, Bows

The title says it all!  It's nice to know that we aren't the only one with this little obsession;)  Thank you to our wonderful fan Adrienne for sharing the love!!

Flowers and Fluffs

So "Operation Bendel Bands" has been keeping me crazy busy....and I mean CRAZY!!!  Of course I kinda put things off until the last minute as usual and now I driving myself, and everyone around me, nuts:)  Guess it's a good think I work very well under pressure.  I have a few pics of some flowers and fluffs that are going to be on my fab headbands so I thought I would share....then it's back to work!  xoxo~melis

Petals Please...

Hello pretties!  So there is less than a month until "Bendel Day" and I figured maybe I should start working on those headbands;)  My first step is to start making petals for the big flower headbands.  It takes forever, but once they're all put together they'll be lovely!  I took a few pics of some of the finished petals.   Ohhhhh pretty:)
I'll post the flowers once they're done!

headband giveaway!!!

Hi friends!  Just wanted to let you know about a mila rose designs headband giveaway!!  Who doesn't love something for free...especially when it's pretty:)  The lovely Krista who is the genius behind Heavenly Savings blog, wrote such a sweet review about one of our bands and through her site we're offering a free headband!!  Go check it out here:
and you can win the luna!

Bendel Girl

We are SOOOOOO excited to announce that mila rose designs will be showcasing our fabulous headbands at Henri Bendel, New York's legendary Fifth Ave boutique, August 5th and 6th! We are so honored to have been invited and so thankful for this amazing opportunity!  We will definitely keep you posted as we go into crazy creative headband mode for the next few weeks!  Be pretty:)



We have some BIG news for you coming up this Monday!!!  We can't wait to share it and we are SO excited:)  In the meantime, check out some of our new bands posted this week.  Be pretty!

Bella Caley Soft Opening

Hello lovelies!  So last weekend was the soft opening of Bella Caley, Dowtown Naperville's newest boutique and the first store to pick up mila rose designs!  I stopped in to check everything out and the store looks great!  Cindy and Caley have done a fabulous job and I can't wait to see the new things they bring in from their latest buying trip!  Here are a few pics of the store and some of their amazing hair accessories;) xoxo~melis

Bohemian Spirit

Hello pretties!  mila rose designs was featured in another blog today!  Mariam at Indie Trendsetter wrote some amazingly sweet things about us.  Make sure you check out her thoughts about us and other fabulous artists and always remember to "be pretty!"

Going the Chapel...

Hooray!!!  Our "Going to the Chapel" treasury was featured on the front page of Etsy this morning!  Super exciting:)  Now we just need to get one of our designs featured on the front page!


Well look who it is...

So as you know mila rose designs will be selling exclusively at new Downtown Naperville boutique, Bella Caley.   Even though there are still three days left until the store opens, the owners/buyers Cindy and Caley, have been amazing at promoting the store and their newest accessory and laur:)  Take a look at the front page of their just might see a familiar face! 

I heart shoes:)

What girl doesn't love a new pair of shoes?  Even though I have more pairs than I can count, I managed to add a few new additions to my collection.  Here they are...

Thank you Steve Madden!!