all i want for christmas is you...

 It's Friday pretties...and I have the next 10 days off and I couldn't be happier!  And even though it's been in the upper 70s the past few days...ugh I hate you texas...H and I are still pretending that it's a normal few days before xmas and we're rockin' our red plaid and cream cable knits!  Honestly I rarely ever wear true red because it doesn't really look that good on me, but this poncho is just so fun and perfect for xmas time that I had to give it it's moment!  Plus it looks so adorbs with the cream bow beanie that looks so adorbs with Henri's cream cable knit sweater!  Twinsies for the win!!  

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faux fur fluffs and empire records...

Growing up in the 80s/90s I am loving that some of the trends from my childhood are coming back...and some I am wishing didn't pop back the damn scrunchie...ugh.  So one of the trends I'm loving back in my closet are cropped sweaters.  So obvi I'm not rockin' a crop top anytime soon because my summer body is hibernating, but the best thing about a crop sweater is that it's meant to be layered and you all know how I feel about layering.  

And what am I layering it over?  Well this super adorbs shimmer dress duh!  Now when we got this dress in at my boutique the first thing I thought was, I literally owned this dress in high school, which totally made me need it like the second I unpacked it from the box.  I love that the shimmer is subtle so I can wear it during the day and not feel like I'm at homecoming freshman year.  And because it's a skinny strap dress, and my arms are the size of a very large christmas turkey legs, the logical thing to wear is with is a cropped sweater.  

And the second I put this look together I instantly felt like a modern day Gina from Empire Records, minus the sleeping with middle aged rock stars in the break room...and if you have no clue what I'm talking about then just stopped reading now and never come to my blog again.  This outfit was just made for Rex Manning Day!!

And to give this look a Melis twist, I paired it with these amazing faux fur fluff socks that one of my oldest and bestest friends gave me.  Are these not the coolest socks you have ever for real, obsessed...and sooooo me!  Literally this outfit is perfect, so I'm off to damn the man and save the empire!!  

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velvet dreams...

Oh Monday...back again so soon?  I swear the weekends get shorter and shorter every week, but I'm all smiles this Monday because I only have a 4 day work week and my family will be here by Friday, so all is good today!!  And because xmas is going to be here before you know it I'm trying to wear all my Christmasy things before next Monday, like this maroon velvet boyfriend tee.  

Can I just say that I'm so happy that velvet made an appearance this season?  It turns something like a simple oversized tee into something a little bit fancy and because I need a little more fancy in my life I paired it with a vintage black sequin beanie and a sparkly statement necklace because go big or go home right?  And if that wasn't enough I layered it with a polka dot ruffle slip and some flares because why is the season for giving and this outfit is giving major fashionista vibes!  What are you wearing to sparkle this week???

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sweater weather...

 Happy Friday pretties!!  Today is a good day...why you ask?  Well it's almost xmas, my family will be here next week, and I only have 5 days left of work this year!  I'm lucky enough to use the last of my vacay days around the holidays when all my fam is in town and it's the perfect way to end the year with some relaxing, and laughing, and way too much eating!!

It's also been like perfect sweater weather which both H and I are super excited about.  Honestly he was born to wear clothes (I mean he is my child after all).  He's just a mini fashionista and I don't even have to bribe him with food (again my child) to put on a sweater...he just likes it...not sure how I got so lucky!  And even though I'm not rockin' a sweater I am wearing my new fave dress which allows me to look adorbs and the ability to eat like a dozen donuts and no one will know!  Oh yeah, and how perf is my new necklace???  It was a bday present from my seester and I am obsessed!!!

And if you follow me on insta then you know I was supposed to post these pics a few days ago, but I've gotten sucked into The Confession Tapes on Netflix so blogging had to take a back seat for a quick sec...seriously how did we live without Netflix...and why am I so obsessed with crime shows...I guess I can blame my hubby for that one!  So if you have any other must watch shows let me know and have an amazing weekend pretties!!

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thirty five...

 Holy shit you is my bday today...and halfway to 40 how did this happen old...and then I look in the mirror and I'm like...meh you're not old, you're so pretty...because that's what everyone says to themselves as they gaze in the mirror right?

So I'm going to spend the day shopping and lunching with mom and then probably ordering chinese and drinking bubbles with Henri, since the hubs is basically it's a typical weds, but that's what happens when you get old.  You get excited about the new quilt you got for your bed (thanks target), and the fact that you can stay up past 10 and not be dead tired the next day (it's the little things people).  

And to be honest this past year was a mix of happy highs and lousy lows and I think for this next chapter of my book, I'm going to be a little more fearless.  The older you get the more you realize that life really is so short, and it goes way to fast, and at the end of the day you just need to yolo a little more (only old people still use that word right) and just not be afraid to just LIVE!  So world, get ready because I'm putting on my tutu and cutest shoes and I'm going to own this bitch!  

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