game day!!

So apparently this thing called football is starting soon.  I think it's some kind of sport where a bunch of big guys wear too tight pants and jump into big pile on top of each other while trying to get a ball of some sort....I could be wrong though...I'm not a big sports girl.  However I now live in a state where football is pretty much a way of life...and college football is an even bigger deal.  Who knew?  

And while you won't see me wearing a jersey with someone else's last name on the back, I may sport some team the form of a cute MRD of course!  So I want to hear from all you crazy sport girls...which game day MRD style is your fave and what colors do you want to rock?  Let us know!  Go team!! 

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two years

Two years ago J and I ran off to the beach to say "I do".  We spent the day celebrating our love, just the two of us...and it was perfect!  At the time we had been together almost 10 years and honestly I thought not much would change when we got married.  We were already living together and acting like a "married" couple so I thought we would just be "official".  

What I've discovered though, is that being married is completely different than what I thought.  We've learned a lot in the past two years and had some of our hardest times as well as some of our best....but at the end of the day I've found someone that balances me out, that allows me to be me, and always makes me laugh.  I love you J, and I can't wait to see what year three brings!

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boyfriend jeans and man shoes these pics are obvi kinda old since my hair is still kinda long and has my pink piece...which i need to touch up by the way...but I was going through pics to see what I could put on canvas for our new apt and realized I never posted these and we can't let a cute casual outfit go to waste right?  I would also like to say that I miss dressing up.  J and I rarely have time together and when we do neither of us feels like going out...this is what happens when you get old..."hey honey, want to order pizza and watch a movie?  oookkkk"...yep this is my life.  anyways...since we don't go out much I don't have much of a reason to get all dressy and when I do get dressy at work that ends up being the day we get like 27 boxes of new clothes in and I'm running around like a crazy person wondering why I ever thought it was a good idea to wear wedges to work.  

Did you get all of that?  Good.  So basically I have been a bit more casual lately.  I literally live in these boyfriend comfy!  And can we talk about how cute these man shoes are?  OH...and my scarf has ellies on it.  I know you can't really tell, but trust me...they are there!  Woot! 

headband: MRD, scarf/top/jeans: apricot lane, shoes: dsw
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summer blues

I am a fall girl.  I've talked about it so many times you're probably sick of it, but nothing makes me happier than fall.  I thrive in days full of clouds, sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes.  That is my happy place...and that place doesn't really exist in my new home.  I know...tiny violins...boohoo.  But seriously I don't understand how people can like all of this sunshine all the time.  It's too much to handle.  I just want to be snuggled in an oversized chunky oatmeal colored sweater, with an olive beanie, some leggings and my lavender free people booties...watching a movie with the henri, with the breeze howling outside and the dark moody sky...ok obviously I wouldn't be wearing my cute booties while watching a movie but you get the point.  I just think it's funny that for someone that doesn't really love the sun, I moved to the one place that seems to always have it.  So until I get my one day of fall...sometime in mid january...I will rock some shorts and sandals...until like october when I rebel and wear whatever I want...I just make sure the a/c is super cold so I can pretend.  #texasproblems

headband: MRD, top: Apricot Lane, shorts/bralette: Free People, shoes: MIA

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new friends

Moving to a brand new place is hard.  When J and I came to Texas the only people we really knew were my fam.  Then J started the academy and he had his own little group of friends, and I was still kinda like, um hello, I have no friends this sucks...

And then I started working.  And I was working with a bunch of high school seniors...and I remember thinking what am I ever going to have in common with a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds.  Honestly being a senior now is TOTALLY different than when I was in high school.  It is like a whole different world...especially in Texas.  Seriously you guys...Texas people think Texas is like the best thing's kinda creepy...

Anyways, I never thought that some of these girls would become some of my new besties, but they have.  Even though I could be their know if people had children at the age of 12...they help to remind me to not take life to seriously.  They really are all pretty amazing and I'm so thankful to have them in my life.  

And since they are all leaving to start/go back to college I'm taking applications for new friends.   
A few must haves...
*be pretty
*love to eat
*think I'm the coolest person ever
*love to laugh
*did I mention eating...

Good luck girlies!  Can't wait to see you soon!  Peace out!
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day jammies

 Honestly you guys, I cannot remember the last time I wore anything even remotely form fitting.  I don't know if it's the Texas heat or the fact that I just want to always be as comfy as possible, but I literally live in oversized pieces.  I just feel like they work for me.  We all have things we hate about our bodies, and I definitely have my list of things...hello fat arms...but I think I've become a pro at dressing my body to hide my flaws.  And honestly I'm not sure how huge wide leg pants and a big flowy shirt make me look smaller, but it kinda does so I'm going with it.  Plus it's like wearing jammies during the day...and who doesn't want to spend their day look fab in their jammie jams?

top and pants: apricot lane, bralette: free people

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