thirty one

today is my birthday.  and i am 31.
seriously when did time totally speed up and decide to make me so old?  maybe it's the fact that i work with a bunch of 18 year olds, or that fact that i don't really look or feel my age, but 31 seems so...serious.  like at 31 you should have the perfect job and a house and kids and dogs and eat fancy dinners on don't even have a table...sad but true. 

but that is ok because i am not serious.  part of me being me is that i don't take things too seriously...well most of the time.  this past year of my life has had so many ups and downs and yet i also feel like not much has happened.  i know that doesn't really make any sense but it's almost like all these things were happening around me yet i was standing still.  like i should have been doing something but i wasn't because it was all just too much to take in.  maybe that's what happens when you takes a year for you to settle.

 but settling is kinda boring.  i need some adventure and to explore.  so i've decided that 31 is going to be the year of me.  i spend a lot of my time focused on making others happy that i sometimes forget to take care of me and i think i've earned the right to be a little selfish.  it's time to take care of myself and figure out what my next step is.  i want to make an impact on world and in order to do that i need to stop and take a deep breath...or two...and focus and just be.  i need to live.  so 31...i'm ready for you.  lets make this the best year yet...and the best me yet!!

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MRD days: berry turband

i don't know about you guys, but this year i want all of my xmas shopping done early.  december is going to be a crazy month this year...more so than usual.  it's my bday, we have a trip to dallas, J graduates from the police academy, and so much instead of doing a 12 days of xmas right before xmas i'm going to start our holiday sale today....with...
MRD days!!!

 from now until thanksgiving we will have one select special MRD days sale each day, including some new holiday bands at amazing prices?  yes please!!  it's the perfect time to snag some gifts for your fave friends...and a few for yourself!  
so for the first MRD days sale we have our new berry turband which is available HERE!!!  perfect satin goodness all wrapped up in a gorgeous holiday berry hue! grab it today for only $20!!!  happy shopping!!!
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the voice

 it's official...after living in texas for a year now, i've turned into that crazy person that is freezing when it's in the 50's.  i mean i lived almost my entire life with snow and wind chills below zero and yeah it was freezing, but you just live with it....and now here i am shivering when it gets below 60.  it's a sad, sad day friends. 

headband: MRD, necklace: free people, top: apricot lane, skirt: forever 21

 on a happier note, this lovely studded twisted turband was gifted to the stylists of The Voice for consideration for the show!!  MRD has been on a tv kick lately so fingers crossed that one of the amazing singers this year ends up rockin' this pretty...or you know...maybe Xtina...seriously how cool would that be...i'm going to start visualizing it now!!!
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MRD on Hart of Dixie...times two

 eeeekkkk so TWO of my MRD's were on Hart of Dixie this week!!  i've been in a bit of a funk lately and this totally made me week!  and i know i said it last time, but it's still so crazy to see my designs on tv...i'm just so thankful that something like this is even possible!!  yay me;)

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creme de la creme

 i don't consider myself a total snob.  i mean sometimes yes, i roll my eyes at myself because of how ridic i can be, but over the years i think i've become a little less snobish...maybe.  i just like nice things.  like very nice things.  i'll go into a store and the one thing i like always seems to be the most expensive. now i've learned over the years that i don't always need the most expensive lavish things all the time.  those things are for special times, but that's not going to stop me from lusting over the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the creme de la creme!

and speaking of the best, this tee is my new fave!  as always it's from the amazing T shirts 314.  seriously her stuff is's like tees that you've had forever and they're worn in just right!  they are definitely the creme de la creme;)  and make sure you swing by the blog next week because we may be having a giveaway of my all time fave piece from T shirts 314!!!

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looking up

over the weekend i got to chat with my grandma.  i had a dream that her and i were dancing...and she was really i couldn't keep up with her i took that as a sign that i had to call her to say hi.  i can't believe it's been almost a year since i've seen my grandparents.  it makes me so sad, but it was so great to talk to her and fill her in on my life.  she also told me that i look down too much in my blog pictures.  i told her it's because when i try and look straight at the camera and be serious...i just look ridiculous.  i still need to perfect my smize.  so is a post with only one pic of me looking down...just for you!  love you!!

 cardi: loft, slip dress: urban outfitters, leggings: gap, boots: free people

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cat ears

 Well friends, it's November.  The start of 2 months of crazy holiday fun is upon us, but before we jump into all that I wanted to talk about Halloween.  It's usually one of my most fave holiday's and with my friends back home, something we always looked forward to every year.  But a few problems this's hard to get into the halloween spirit when it's 85 degrees out, people in SA don't really embrace dressing up in costume (I seriously did not see one person even in black and orange), and I have no friends here to have a party.  Yes, this is my sad lonely life now.  So I whipped up some quick cat ears, threw on my black and orange and did my best.  So yeah...that was my Halloween...and I think today I will go buy a new xmas tree...

cat ear headband: MRD, dress: nordstrom, flats: loris

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