party time...arm party swap

lately i have forgotten what my wrists look like
bc they are always adorned with lots and lots of arm candy...
the more bracelets the better!  

so when i heard that leonora and ilene
were going to have a summer arm party swap with different bloggers 
i was totes on board!!

i was partnered up with the gorgeous
maria-isabel of agape love designs
whose blog i already followed so i was super excited!!

yep that one says "be pretty"
pinks, purples, and a little them!!!

thanks maria-isabel for my amazing arm candy!  
and for those of you that want to learn more about her, feel free to go stalk;)
be pretty~melis

sister day

apparently today is 
sister day...
so...a note to my sister...

dear laur~

you are amazing.
even though we are nine years apart i am 
that we are as close as we are, 
and continue to grow closer each and every day.
i want you to know that i am so proud of everything you've accomplished.
you were so brave to follow your heart 
even though it meant moving hundreds of miles away
(is it time for you to come back yet lol)...
and i hope that the people that you are surrounded by
see how truly special you are.
i hope they see...
how your laugh can light up the room...
how your determination can be so encouraging...
that while you may be stubborn, you fight for what you believe in...
that you are always thinking of others...
that you are so smart and extremely witty...
that you like to stand out and not be like everyone else...
that you are beautiful both inside and out...
that you love with your whole heart...
and i hope they know that  you are meant to be treasured
and treated like a princess
because you are perfect.

i love you so much and i can't wait to see you soon.
promise me that you will never forget how special you are little sister.
i love you broseph goebbels;)