Fiesta Feet Unicorn

 Anyone that knows really knows me...or if you stalk me on insta knows, that...I.LOVE.SHOES. They really are my most fave thing...they always look good, they make you smile, they fit you even when you're having a fat day and nothing is working...cute shoes win every single time.  And it's probably safe to say that I have a small shoe in the past two weeks I may or may not have gotten around 5 new pairs, but that's totes normal right?

And one of my new pairs is not only adorbs, and super colorful, but it's so comfy...and their name kind of made them a must have.  I would like to introduce you to the newest style by Fiesta Feet...the UNICORN!!!  These beauties are handmade in Mexico and part of the proceeds go right back there to a foster home for girls of all ages.  I love companies that give back and Susie the owner is the sweetest!!  

And if you want to snag a pair of your own and are in San Antonio, then make sure and swing by Apricot Lane tonight between 3-7 for their Fiesta Feet trunk show!  There will be drink and treats, a photobooth, adorbs shoes to add to your wardrobe, and duh...I'll be there!  

P.S. How cute are all of these pics by the amazing Betsy Herndon Photography??  She is the best!!  

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S.A. Scene Magazine Feature

 I know I complain a lot.  It's almost like a reflex...someone says something, it doesn't matter what it is, but my initial instinct is to roll my eyes and let out a big ughhhhh seriously??  And yes there are things that have happened that I don't like, and that frustrate me, and that I think, why is this happening...but looking back on my life so far I have had a lot of amazing things happen to me.  Things that a lot of people don't ever have happen to in their lifetime, so today I want to say thank you.  Thank you to all the amazing people that are in my the ones that I just met this week and to the ones that have been there since day one!  Thank you for supporting me, for encouraging me, for loving me, and for reminding me that I am special and that when good things happen it's because I deserve all those good things...which let's be honest...I tell myself this all the time, but it's nice to hear it from someone else;)

And this week especially I want to thank my friend and fellow stylist Jules, who picked me to be featured in the latest edition of S.A. Scene magazine, in her column, What's In Her Closet?  Now, because I am #blessed, this is not the first time I have been in a magazine (I am kind of a big deal you know), but this was my first feature in my new "southern" home so I was so thankful and honored to be chosen!  So not only did Jules write a very sweet 2 page article about me and my style, but I also got to spend a day with the amazing Natalia Sun who made me feel like a celeb and took some gorgeous photos of me that I can wait to print out as big as I can get them and plaster my walls with my hotness!!  She was so fun to work with and so sweet!!  

These are just a few shots from one of four looks that I had, that I will share in the next few weeks.  And this look was probably one of my faves...and while I look amazing in them...I told you, I tell myself I'm great all the time, it was no easy feat to get these shots!  This was the last look of the day and after already shooting for a couple of hours, I don't know how models do it, I was super tired, and hungry, and hot...and this amazing tunnel was about a mile I had to hike...on an uneven pebble path in pink free people a sequin mini dress, and a chunky about 80 degree heat...with every other jogger saying..."nice running outfit" to me along the way.  And I know it sounds like I'm complaining...which I might be a little bit, but we got the most amazing shots so it was sooooo worth it!!  

So if you want to learn a little more about me, make sure and pick up the latest copy of S.A. Scene magazine and keep an eye out on the blog for more looks from my photoshoot!  And thank you again to Jules and Natalia for making me into a mini SA celeb!!  Love you, mean it!!!

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some bunny loves you...

 Happy Monday pretties!!  How was your Easter weekend?  I love when the holidays come around, but it's also hard sometimes because half of my family is in Illinois...and J usually works every holiday...and to me the best part about holidays is the whole family being together which doesn't really happen much anymore.  So yeah, it's definitely bittersweet...but Henri and I got to spend the day with my parents and little bro, Aust, so we still got into the Easter spirit...and we had fun chatting with the rest of the fam over Skype...well more like chatting with the foreheads of my grandparents because they still don't fully get it, which definitely gave us some good laughs.  I hope you all got to spend the day with the ones you love...and that you enjoy these cheesy pics that H and I took!!

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does this make me look southern...

Happy Hump Day loves!  We are already half way to the weekend and I couldn't be happier!  Plus I have some super fun news to share on the week is just going to get better!!  But today I would like to talk about this flower crown bull skull peplum drop waist top...say that three times fast my friends!!  

Now as we all know I am all things "anti-texas" most of the time.  I just can't help it...I'm still not ready to admit that I live in the South.  On a daily basis something happens and I think to this for this how people really are...was that an actual real life bug that I just is this air still poisoning me...why are there so many trucks...ahhhhh the ramblings of my's a little cray cray up there.   And when I'm at work we will sometimes get things in and I just have to roll my eyes because it's "so texas" and I'm like why would someone buy this and then they do...and then I'm sad...for me as well as the future of fashion...however...

We got in this top the other day at Apricot Lane SA and I didn't hate it...even though this is one of those tops that just screams "I love the South and everything in it" and that scared me a bit.  And then I tried it on...and honestly I didn't even really notice the pattern because it was so soft and I adore this drop waist, kind of peplum shape because lets be can literally eat whatever you want in a shirt like this and no one will ever know....bwhahahahahaha.  So yeah, that is the real reason I bought this shirt...because even though it gives off a hint of "the south" it's flowy, and you can twirl in it, and I could have donuts for breakfast and pizza for dinner...or hide a small family of puppies underneath and you wouldn't have a clue!  And if you want to look as adorbs as me we still have a few of these left at the lets be twins!!!

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