time to party

it's friday so i'm keeping things short and sweet!!  it's a day for sparkles, animal print, ruffles...and of course one of my fave tees!!  i hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!  

headband: mrd, tank: c/o tshirts 314, cardi: lauren conrad, shorts: free people, shoes: loris

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orange you happy

lately i've been drawn to two things...tie dye and the color orange.  now the tie dye makes sense to me since i've decide to be reborn as a 70's boho hippie...the orange however is a little random.  if you look at my closet, which is of course color coordinated, you will see it's mostly greens, blues, purple/pinks, black and gray.  not a whole lot of red, orange, and yellow.  i think i shy away from those colors because my skin has yellow undertones so sometimes those colors blend too much, but this orange dress was just the right shade for me.  plus it was tie dye...and had studs...happy me!

headband: mrd, dress: apricot lane, lace top: fuschia, shoes: MIA

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cardi anyone?

so we have a problem kids...this week it will be in the 100s...shoot me in the head...
and that whole i'm going to start working out on monday thing that i was supposed to start like 47 monday's ago didn't really happen...and my arms are still jiggly puffs...sooooo  it's 100 degrees...and i'm wearing a cardi...thank god for super cold air conditioning;)  maybe i'll try starting my workouts on  wednesday's....until then, bring on the sweaters!!
 headband: mrd, dress: lux (nordstrom), cardi: gap, sandals: sam edelman

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pretty moments with mrd girl maria-isabel

happy mrd girl monday!!  our mrd girl this week is the oh so gorgeous maria-isabel from Agape Love Designs!!  if you haven't checked out her blog yet, you must!!  she does the most amazing make up tutorials...and she is seriously stunning in every single look that she does!  i don't know how one person can rock neutral make up in one look and then crazy multi colored eye shadow in another and still look perfect, but she does it flawlessly!  

1) where do you live and what do you do?
I live in Northern California! And I am very fortunate not to have to work outside of the home. But I'm still a BUSY busy Momma. I take care of our family and home and am blessed to get to enjoy my own hobbies like blogging, crafting, makeup and so much more.

2) what's the one movie you could watch every day and still love?
Tangled (Princess Rapunzel) haha But if we are talking 'Mature' Movies... My Favorites are Gladiator/300!!

3) three most fave things to eat...because really who can pick just one?
My weakness is bread. With trying to lose and keep the weight off, I try to stay away from it though! haha
Also peanut butter and for the past several months I cant get enough of Peperoncinis! (I know it sounds like it, but no, I'm not pregnant! LOL)

4) fave place to shop?
Hands down, ROSS. Just check out my instagram... You will see lots of photos of me in a Ross dressing room mirror trying on different outfits. I love that you can get cute clothes and such great prices. And most of the time, they are limited too. So you're not dressing so 'cookie-cutter.' Other than that, I truly love supporting small/handmade businesses!

5) what is your "go-to" starbucks drink?
Used to be a White Chocolate Mocha, Now that Ive got to be more careful with sugar and calories.... its a non fat, no whip salted caramel latte. 

6) what is your guilty pleasure tv show?
Really I never get the chance to watch tv until I'm lying in bed with The Hubs, and we usually Netflix it up. Sometimes we find shows together, but if they are over he watches his shows and I pass out. But the shows we watch together are Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Once Upon A Time (there may be others I'm forgetting). We recently finished those on Netflix and he has started watching Prison Break... Which isnt too bad. 

7) what do you love most about mrd?
MRD Pretties are some of the most gorgeous hair accessories out there, hands down! Very versatile and I always ALWAYS get compliments when I wear mine! Plus I personally just adore the gal behind MRD (Melis - you are just so humble and sweet!)!

thanks maria-isabel for being the perfect mrd girl!!  and how cute is her skirt...i need one just like it!!  eeekk!!  do you want to be the next mrd girl?  shoot me an email for more info...i would love to have you!!  milarosedesigns@yahoo.com

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fit for a queen...

 so earlier this year i was SO fortunate to be watching season 2 of Hart of Dixie and scream in delight when i saw one of my mrd lil' leather bow headbands on Jaime King's pretty little head!  best.thing.ever.

well this fall when all the new shows are starting i'm hoping to have another OMG moment...thanks to The Artisan Group, i've been lucky enough to gift this amazing red floral crown for consideration for use on the show Once Upon a Time or it's new spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland!  doesn't this pretty just scream Queen of Hearts???  so fingers crossed that my piece gets picked for the show...and if not, it will definitely be making it's debut in the mrd shop this fall!!!

flower crown: mrd (coming soon), tee: sincerely jules, skirt: apricot lane

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on my heart: take a chill pill

so usually i like to keep things pretty light on the blog...you know, clothes, hair, mrd's...but the past few weeks have been slightly drama filled for me.  and i'm realizing that it's not good to keep things bottled up inside.  i'm so used to keeping all my feeling and emotions and stress internal and not really letting it out and it's finally caught up to me.  so long story short, i've been having heart palpitations and crazy pulse and random pains in my arm for awhile now.  i tried to ignore it and focus on other things because J and i haven't had health insurance...and 30 year olds don't have heart attacks right?  well we finally got insurance a few weeks ago so i went to get things checked out...and after a few weeks of doctors and scary tests i found out that my heart is healthy and most likely i'm just really stressed.

i'm SO happy that all my tests came back normal.  i think sometimes things happen like this to remind us that we need to cherish all the amazing things in our life, including our health, and to make sure and take ME time.  i don't really do that.  i work full time at the boutique, i come home and work full time on mrd, and even my days off really aren't days off.  i'm realizing that it's important to take time to do things i enjoy and relax a little...that i need time like that to recharge and let my body heal from all the craziness...and apparently do yoga (according to my dr)....basically i need to take a chill pill and learn to laugh more, and love more, and enjoy life more.  it's so easy to get wrapped up in work and responsibilities that you forget that life is short and you have to enjoy it too!! 

 flower bobby: mrd, tee: free people, jeans: hudson, shoes: steve madden

 so my goal is to work on being a happier and healthier me...because my body has years of built up crazy stress and it's time for me to release it...to let it go...just let it go.
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the mini project...polka what??

so my girl kelly over at MessyDirtyHair, who hosts The Messy Project, now does the MINI project which i'm super excited to be a part of this month!!!  
sooo what is the MINI project you ask?! well if you haven't guessed it yet its allllllll about the mini parts of fashion - the ACCESSORIES...which can also play a huge role in our everyday outfits. Just like clothes, accessories are also worn differently by each person depending on their style, shape, look etc. 
So the MINI project focuses only on accessories....but I don't mean just jewelry - tights, hats, sunglasses, headbands, bows, scarfs, shoes, belts, gloves are alllll accessories as well. 
Like before - 

The Deal
1 Accessory
4 Girls
4 Different Styles
1 Major Blog Day

soooo...what did we get???  baby blue slouchy polka dot shorts...BAM!  i think i actually squealed in delight when i saw these bad boys...i mean how cute are they?!?!  and while most people would probably stick to a simple solid top, and i know that kelly really dislikes mixing prints, i decided to go all out with they cray cray...see kel...mixing prints is fun:)  polka dot shorts, animal print top, floral print mrd...i'm in love!!

so what do you think?  are you ready to brave the world with crazy print mixing yet??  now it's time to see how the other girls styled their polka dot goodness!!

kelly @ MessyDirtyHair
meggan @ trying to make fetch happen

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