kimonos and flares

Well friends it's Monday...and can I just say that I'm happy it's a new week.  My Winter (aka Summer in Texas) slump has taken over and I'm just no fun to be around.  I'm bored, and restless, and ready for a change that can't come fast enough.  So I'm hoping that this week will bring something new, something exciting, or at least a day that isn't a heat index of over 100 a storm would be so great right now!  The only thing saving me right now is kimonos...they are a girl with fat arms dream in the summertime because you all know I won't be caught dead with just a tank top on.  And as much as I would love to be rockin' a sweater or a cute cardi I would literally be a puddle on the ground, but a kimono covers the arms, but most of the time is lightweight enough to not make you want to take a shower the second you step outside.  So thank you world for kimonos and lets hope this week is better than last.  Happy Monday!!

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tie dye and florals...

 Long time no see!  I know I give you the same excuses every time I haven't blogged in a bit, but you know how it  Crazy few months over here.  We moved to a new place, J was in Germany for pretty much all of June, and it's summer in texas...which as we all know means "winter" for you don't leave your house unless you absolutely have to because it's just too freaking hot.  

Some of the girls at work like to joke about how often I complain about summer.  Basically every day that I work I'm talking about it and if you read my blog then you know pretty much every blog post prob mentions it.  And as much as July is slowly melting me, there is a teeny bit of hope because fall clothes are slowly starting to arrive.  Now of course normal "texans" will not wear this stuff until like December but I am already incorporating it into my wardrobe.  The secret is just turning the air down really low so it feels like fall!!  I can't even explain to you the sense of hope and happiness I feel when I see a suede bootie, or an olive sweater, or a faux fur collared coat.  It makes my heart so full and considering all of the craziness that has been going on in the world (which will be a whole different blog post) I welcome anything that can bring a smile to my face right now and if that just happens to be navy suede booties then so be it.  

But seeing as it's 104 degrees the closest I can get to fall is this outfit...cute floral shorts, a tie dye slouchy sweatshirt, and my new fave plum flats.  They kind of are like little elf shoes which makes me love them even more!!  And do you know what else I would LOVE???  If you would take a minute to nominate me, Melis Lauren, for Fashion Blogger of the Year for the San Antonio Fashion Awards!!  It would mean so much to me and I would love you forever!!  Just click HERE to nominate's super easy and would be such an honor for me!!  Thanks really are the best!!!

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