tie dye and ponchos...

 I think deep down I'm a total flower child.  A free spirited hippie...but like a tie dye, flowy dress, flower crown wearing hippie...not a dirty hair, patchouli smelling, no job kind of hippie...not that there is anything wrong with that...I just really like my hair clean.  So any time I see something tie dye it basically has to be mine.  I just can't get enough.  And while this dress is perfect for a Texas fall, winter is coming so I need a little layer action, which is why this cowl neck poncho is the perfect piece to throw on when it gets a bit breezy out.  Also these pics are kinda blurry now that I'm looking at them.  I blame this on the hill I live on that causes crazy wind gusts on the days that I take pics...it's like nature is out to get me...such a brat!

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infinity scarves and plaid dresses...

So is it bad that I get really excited to plan outfits posts so Henri and I coordinate?  He literally has a small section of the closet now for his winter sweaters...I think I need an intervention.  But really it's not my fault that I have the most photogenic fur baby.  It would be wrong to deprive the world of his dashing good looks that are only enhanced by cute sweaters and accessories, right?  Ok you can stop rolling your eyes now...however if you want your fur baby to look extra adorbs then you need to get them an infinity scarf from MO & PEA!  I mean why should only humans get to rock handmade knitted goodness?  Plus this navy one went perfectly with my plaid mini dress...with pockets...which as we all know instantly makes any dress a million times better.  It makes me feel very chic...or that might actually be my little beret beanie.  All I know is H and I are the best dressed pair in my apartment parking garage...#goals.

I hope you guys all have a fab weekend!  It's finally going to be "cold" here so I'm super excited to bundle up!  Plus my brother is coming into town for a quick weekend visit so there will be some crazy fun times with the fam!  See you guys Monday!!  

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textured leather jackets...

 Guys... I have been wanting a leather jacket for forever, but it's been so hard to find one that I love.  Usually they are way to expensive for my budget at the time, or they are the wrong color, or they don't have the right fit...I kinda have man shoulders and big boobs which makes jacket shopping a pain in the ass.  But then we got this amazing vegan leather jacket at my boutique and it was love at first site.  I mean why get a black one when you can get this amazing eggplant wine color?  Plus it has such a cool texture to it and all the little details made it totally special.  And since it is vegan leather, which is fancy talk for faux leather, it was an amazing price...so it had to be mine!!  It definitely adds a wow factor to a simple black and white outfit and you know I love a good statement piece...actually several statement pieces at once which is why I added cheetah loafers and this awesome braided rope necklace that I got at a thrift store!  Who says you need to spend a fortune to look fab?

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knock out...

How is it Monday already??  Seriously why does the week drag on and then the weekends fly by so fast...ugh so not fair!  You know what else is not fair?  The fact that it is mid November and today is going to be almost 80 degrees.  Now I'm sure everyone back home in the midwest is like, oh poor baby, it's warm and it's almost Thanksgiving, but honestly I'm so over the warm days.  I like a chill in the air and I like clouds, and I like my layers.  I also like cute little sweatshirts like this one.  Paired with a lacy slip and some flare pants and I can almost forget that I'm sweating to death and it's basically winter...almost.

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dresses on dresses...

If you know me in real life, or have been following my blog, then you know I love to layer.  I love taking pieces that someone might wear on their own and transforming them with additional layers.  It's a great way to get multiple uses out of certain items in your closet, plus it gives you a look that you know someone else isn't going to be wearing.  

This little floral dress I bought over the summer...and as much as I would love to rock it as the dress that it is, my fat arms told me nope, nope, nope.  And yes I could just throw a cardigan over it, but that's no fun.  You know what is fun?  Throwing a sweater dress over it...yes that is a dress on top of a dress...crazy I know, but totally adorbs!  Now my floral dress almost looks like a flirty little skirt and by adding a little side knot to my sweater dress, it looks like...well...a sweater.  And because this was almost a little too matchy matchy for me I added a lavender lace bralette, which gives the perfect unexpected pop, while adding another fun layer to the look.

And no dress on dress action is complete without some amazing boots.  Now I'm all about the shoes and while I do have shoes that are just cute one season only shoes, quality boots are always a wise investment.  These frye boots I've had for literally like 8 years and they are still one of my faves...and spending a little extra on them totally paid off because they still look great years later.  I mean life is too short not to just buy the damn shoes!

P.S. today is Friday the 13th so make sure and avoid black cats, walking under ladders, and crazy people who think starbucks red cups are the devil...and speaking of starbucks run your little butts over there and get the new gingerbread tea latte...it will change your life...you're welcome.

P.P.S. This sweater dress is a PIKO from Apricot Lane and you're going to want to buy it like yesterday.  I literally have it in all 5 colors, so get ready to see more of it.  PIKOs are the best things ever so you might want to go purchase one...or five...while you can...you're welcome...again.

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blanket scarves and stripes...

 I don't really consider myself a "preppy" person, but something about navy nautical boatneck striped tops gets me every time...and then pairing it with a plaid blanket scarf...it's just the perfect preppy match!  Do you guys have a blanket scarf yet?  I have 5...and they are amazing!  Two of them I use as legit blankets because they are so big, but they are just an easy accessory to totally up your outfit game.  All I'm wearing are boyfriend jeans, my converse, and a simple tee, but adding the blanket scarf totally makes it look like I put lots of thought into looking so put together.  Like I don't have a care in the world and my afternoon was full of laughing with friends, a healthy kale salad, and having my perfect dog walk right by side...when really Henri was not pleased that he also had to wear a blanket scarf while pulling me all over my apt complex, and it was so windy that I was afraid my extensions were literally going to blow off of my head, and I was definitely planning on going to McDonald's as soon as these pics were done...but looking at my outfit you would never know....bwahahahahaha (<---- that is my evil laugh).

And speaking of Henri, I love having him in some of my outfit posts and I hope you do too because you will definitely be seeing more of him...and we will most likely be matching.  Please tell me I'm not the only crazy dog mom out there...and even if I am I don't care.  I mean look at that face...my baby was made to be in front of the camera...and he can totally rock a blanket scarf!

I also realized that today is 11.11...so make a wish and make it a good one!!
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