it's all about the accessories...

 It's seems like summer is slowly creeping up on me, however this week has been not too shabby.  I've been able to have my windows open, which H loves because he can smell the air and creep on everyone that walks by, and it's always so nice to go to sleep with the poison allergy air filling the room.  You sleep like a baby and then wake up sounding like an 80 year old who smoked 2 packs a day and itchy...stupid Texas.

But as the warmer air comes, so do the bad hair days.  Now when I took these pics it was super humid and gross out and thankfully I used to have a hair accessory line so I have a closet full of hundreds of hair pretties, and honestly they make bad hair days so much better.  And because I haven't worn one in awhile it made me miss rockin' my mrd's so they're definitely going to come back into rotation, but they are just a great way to look super adorbs even though you have boob sweat and are just wanting to lay in a bed of ice cubes.  

So as I mentally prep for it to get a good 30 degrees hotter, I'm going to enjoy the "cool" weather that I have now and maybe make some new mrd's for when the devil sun decides to stay for good.  I hope you guys have a fab friday and an amazing weekend!!!

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