the a-team wedding

hello pretties....
just wanted to share some fun pics from my weekend!

one of my bff's got married on sat!!
i was in the wedding so most of the pics are just quick ones i took with my camera...
which means they are mostly of me and not the bride lol;)

congrats to ann & anthony cervini!!
i love you:)

be pretty~melis


  1. Wow so much gorgeousness at this wedding. Wonder who the next beautiful bride will be...hmmmm?

  2. Came to look at pics of the bride and found the over zealous, picture happy, conceited photographer who took a million pictures of herself - sorry MELIS, not even that attractive. I'm sure no one at the wedding would be very surprised that you would make it an "All About You" fan page. Bows were obnoxious but how do you say no, right? Hope you had a great night while thinking the world revolved around you. U need to knit a hat that covers your face.

  3. Whoa someone needs a nap. Furthermore, I'm thinking on this page, the world does revolve around Melis. Go to the bride's page for more pics of her. Sleep tight.

  4. Thanks so much for the amazing bands AND of course being a part of my big day! Tons and TONS of compliments on the bands and my reception mrd :) :) And really, as the bride, isn't it only my opinion that matters ;) hehe ~Ann

  5. I'm a silent follower of your blog, but I wanted to take the opportunity to break out of that for a moment to say a few short words...I LOVE weddings, so of course I enjoyed this post. Beautiful mrd bands, beautiful bride, and beautiful you! Everyone looked so fabulous. Sounds like it was a great wedding! I'm glad you had fun! -Marissa

  6. MELIS, I'm just outraged that you posted pics of yourself on your blog. Not to mention that you would post pics of us in your mrd ON your mrd blog. What is this selfishness? ;) -BZ