bootcamp complete...check

a couple of months ago...
a little over 3 1/2 to be exact...
my boyfriend left for bootcamp.

and this past weekend,
after letters and a few phone calls,
crossing my fingers for pictures to be posted,
endless hours of wondering how he's doing,
trying my hardest to keep myself busy so i didn't think about the fact that i was living alone 
(and having to kill spiders by myself...ugh)
his bootcamp graduation finally came...

and i got to see his smiling face after over 100 days
and squeeze him tight:)

the weekend was short, but sweet...
and sadly i had to board the plane by myself,
and say goodbye again, while he stays for another month for airborne training...
you know...jumping out of planes...
no big deal;)

so back to making meals for one,
leaving fabric piles all over the floor,
buying more girly things for our condo (bc there is no one there to stop me)
and sadly...still killing spiders *shudder*

be pretty~melis


  1. Hang in there Lady! It'll be over soon. My hubby was in for 5 years, I was in for eight, and both of my parents were/are in. It was such a fun time in our life. You will make new "families" everywhere you go and those relationships will last forever. It has it's ups and downs, I'm not gonna lie and say it's all pretty, my guy was wounded in Baghdad after being deployed for 14 months. But you seem like a strong and smart woman so you can do it. Just keep yourself busy busy busy (which you do already). Good luck in the future and congrats to your bf!!!

  2. You are one tough girl! :)) Hang in there!