our elopement...the ceremony

when i first got engaged, before we decided to elope,
my mom asked me where i wanted to get married.
now as you know, this was not something i ever really thought much about.
kind of stumped i told her i wasn't sure and she asked me about places that i have been to that i've felt the happiest....and instantly i said by the ocean.

 when johnny and i first started dating a hundred years ago
(okay almost 10 years ago)
i had only been on a plane when i was like four...which doesn't really count.
only a very short time into our relationship
johnny was off to sunny san diego for school and so my first "real" plane ride was to visit him...
and the first time i saw the ocean was when we went to coronado beach to watch the sunset.
it was so magical and i remember thinking that nothing bad can ever happen staring out at the waves.

so the decision was made...
we would get married on coronado beach
with the ocean waves in the background and sand in our shoes.

our first married couple kiss....
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one of my most favorite pictures...i adore forehead kisses.

i made this adorable little sign that says
mr. & mrs.
it was all pink sparkly like...
if only you could read it lol.

my prince charming:)

after the ceremony it was time for an outfit change...
and cupcakes and bubbly!!
more pics to come....lucky you!!

be pretty~melis


  1. Love these! Your dress was gorgeous and you are a beautiful bride! The second GIF is the best! :) Congrats!

  2. This is BEYOND adorable! Congratulations!

  3. I LOVE the hotel del coronado! It's my favorite place in the world so old world elegant! The photos are fabulous and you both look so happy!

    Thanks for sharing and be happy!!

  4. Classy and beauitful! Congratulations. I was wondering if your engagement ring is a diamond or colored stone? It is so beautiful! He did well!