it's a pant party

guys i'm not gonna lie...this summer heat is making me super lazy.  all i want to do is sleep and not wear too many clothes because everything just sticks.  even my hair is kinda sad right's all limp and lifeless...although that could be my new shampoo which claims to be volumizing but it's all a big fat lie!  and because i have lazy heat syndrome all i want to do is wear lazy clothes...aka anything that may pass as pjs in public.  which is why these pants are fantastic...i mean they are super cute yet i could come home from work and hop right into bed and take a nap and you wouldn't really know if they were real clothes or pjs....bwahahahahahaha...

bow clip: mrd, sweater: h&m, pants: free people

 photo sig_zpsc63dd0bc.png


  1. Nice lazy clothes! :D Thank to the hair clip it doesn't look like PJS :D
    xo Noor

  2. I. Want. Those. Pants. They're so perfect on you though!! Love the print :)
    Nikki at