thirty one

today is my birthday.  and i am 31.
seriously when did time totally speed up and decide to make me so old?  maybe it's the fact that i work with a bunch of 18 year olds, or that fact that i don't really look or feel my age, but 31 seems so...serious.  like at 31 you should have the perfect job and a house and kids and dogs and eat fancy dinners on don't even have a table...sad but true. 

but that is ok because i am not serious.  part of me being me is that i don't take things too seriously...well most of the time.  this past year of my life has had so many ups and downs and yet i also feel like not much has happened.  i know that doesn't really make any sense but it's almost like all these things were happening around me yet i was standing still.  like i should have been doing something but i wasn't because it was all just too much to take in.  maybe that's what happens when you takes a year for you to settle.

 but settling is kinda boring.  i need some adventure and to explore.  so i've decided that 31 is going to be the year of me.  i spend a lot of my time focused on making others happy that i sometimes forget to take care of me and i think i've earned the right to be a little selfish.  it's time to take care of myself and figure out what my next step is.  i want to make an impact on world and in order to do that i need to stop and take a deep breath...or two...and focus and just be.  i need to live.  so 31...i'm ready for you.  lets make this the best year yet...and the best me yet!!

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