and his name is Henri

 so if you follow me on instagram then you would know that i have a new baby....and his name is Henri!  he is the cutest dog i've ever seen...and he's driving me crazy.  like one minute i adore him and the next minute i can't believe he's acting like a whack job...must be true love.

so growing up i never had a pet and J had like a million.  i've always wanted a cute little puppy and i though for sure i would get this little ball of fluff that i could put bows on and carry in my purse, but J was having none of that.  he wanted some big scary mean dog that would probably eat my face off in my sleep...and that was so not happening.  we both knew we wanted to adopt a dog and figured the right one would eventually come along.  

well after a few ups and downs and a random moment of fate we were able to adopt Henri and we were soooo excited.  the fact that we were going to be his forever home made us so happy and he seemed so cool, like 1940s fedora wearing cool.  all was right in the world...

 then i realized that being a dog mom is HARD!!!  ok i knew it wasn't going to be super easy, but i have no clue what i'm doing.  J likes to laugh at me when i ask him stupid questions, but honestly i have no clue what is normal and not normal for a dog.  i just thought we would take fun walks together and i could make him bow ties and we would snuggle on the couch while i watched vanderpump rules on bravo.  then i realized that his 39 lb body made of all muscle was actually walking me as he high jumps anytime he sees another living thing, i can barely get a harness on him let alone a bow tie, and he would rather cozy up to J then be by me (he's gotten a little more snuggly but i still think he likes J better).  i tell him to sit and he jumps, i tell him to come and he goes in the other direction, and when i want to sleep in he sits on my head, like literally half his body on my head until i get up.  

 he also apparently tried to get frisky with a porcupine before we took him home and had a brief fling with the cone of shame.  so sad, but seriously the funniest thing ever.  i mean could that thing be any bigger??

so while i'm exhausted and frustrated and a little crabby because my dear Henri might be slightly insane, when he does come and put his paws and head in my lap i can't help but smile.  he's the cutest little thing and i've already turned into that "pet mom" that talks about her animal like it's her baby...but he is my baby.  and i will love him and groom him and train him (with help from people that know what they're doing because i'm totally clueless) to be the most perfect little dog.  and if anyone has any doggie tips from training to treats to cute little collars please leave me a comment!!  and get ready to see lots more Henri on the blog;)

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  1. Your new family addition looks SO much like my fur baby, Kane. Do you know what breed(s) of dog he is? We adopted Kane from the Humane Society last February, so we aren't exactly sure what all he has in him. We think he has a lot of boxer and possibly Rhodesian Ridgeback. Henri is adorable!!!

  2. He's adorable. Congrats and good luck!

  3. Please could you answer my comment/posr on your link?