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Why hello again blog world...did you miss me?  Remember that time when I changed my blog name and was all "I'm going to blog all the time, get ready"...and then I went strong for like a week and then oh wait...I haven't posted since september...oops!

My intention was there, but then again so was life.  So to quick recap what's been going on the past few months...

My sweet baby Henri, was diagnosed with heartworms...ugh worst news ever.  We took him in October for his yearly checkup and the test came back positive.  For those of you that aren't sure what heartworms are, they are basically worms that are in the heart of your dog...I know crazy right...but I bet you don't know how they get them...FROM MOSQUITOS!!!  I swear to God these texas mosquitos are no joke...and they need to die...a quick death.  The worst part is, we had Henri on monthly heartworm preventative meds (which all of you should be doing if you have fur babies)...and he still got it...fucking mosquitos...but the good news is he had the two scary injections and two months of crate rest...which was probably as hard on J and I as it was on H, but we all survived...and hopefully after getting 2 negative tests (over the next year), he will officially be heartworm free!!  Hooray!!

 So during this madness, J and I also moved into a new apartment...which I'm still trying to decorate and get pics of so you can see how amazeballs it is...and you know what the best part is???  My parents moved into the same complex and are literally like 11 seconds away from me...awesome for my mom and I...even though I feel like I see her less now...tell me how that makes sense?!  

And then all of a sudden it was the holidays...which I was extra excited about because all of my siblings haven't been together since the xmas before so we had many days of laughter and eating and taking selfies of course!  It was perfect!
And I'm still slaving away at Apricot Lane...which I still love!  I mean hello...I get paid to take selfies in cute clothes...and I really need to stop saying selfies...ugh.

 And since it's been winter time and Henri is still in recovery, J and I have made sure to give him extra snuggles.  Plus our new gorgeous gray stained concrete floors in our apt are FREEZING...like literally walking on an ice skating rink...so any chance to snuggle and stay warm is taken!!
 And yes things have been a little quiet on the MRD front lately.  With everything happening I just needed a little break.  I needed to get my thoughts together on what I wanted and where I wanted to go with the line, and just take time to be with my family and friends...but don't you worry...last weeks new Hart of Dixie featured yet another MRD and that gave me just the spark I needed to get working on the new spring line...which I'm hoping to launch Feb 1st....Woohoo!!!
And because Henri is obviously the love of my life...and so photogenic...I leave you with his sad puppy dog eyes and a promise that you'll be hearing from me a lot more this year.  2015 has already started out kinda rough...for reasons we can ponder another time...but I'm the type of person that doesn't let obstacles slow me down.  Give me a challenge and I will challenge it right back...and come out on top...so get ready...this is my year!

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