i feel nothing...

Happy Friday Loves!  I know it's been a week since I've posted, but a lot has been going on...you see it's been one week since I woke up at the crack of dawn to have my ENT numb my whole face, making my throat feel like I couldn't swallow my own spit, have a tiny tube with a baby capsule size ballon on it shoved up my nostrils that expanded and contracted making all the sinus tissue in my face crunch and crackle all while feeling crazy pressure fill my face.  Then when it was over I spent hours swapping cotton balls from my nose that wouldn't stop bleeding and eating french fries and ice cream...and then...the most magical thing happened...I.FELT.NOTHING.

You guys...for the past 7 plus years I have lived every day with pain in my face...as I talked about in my last post.  Horrible sinus pain that literally I just learned to live with and grew accustomed to feeling like poop every single day...and now...I feel nothing.  My face hasn't had a single pain.  I can take a full deep breath with my nose, something I wasn't even aware that I wasn't doing before.  My neck and throat that always felt raw and swollen feels normal.  And the headaches that constantly lingered don't exist.  The other night the weather was changing and I knew rain was coming and when I woke up it was damp and gross and normally that night/morning I would have felt like total shit with tons of face pressure and nope...nothing.  Who knew that feeling nothing could be the best feeling in the world!  I am so happy that I finally got this done and that I  found a doctor that could take away my stupid face pain.  He's like a magical unicorn doctor!!

So this big fat smile on my face is because this is my new normal and it's the best!!  Plus my outfit it's totes adores so that helps too!  Have a great weekend everyone!!  

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