easy breezy

 Hooray it's Friday...although I work tomorrow so really it's more like...hooray it's Thursday!  Usually  I'm lucky and work Mon-Fri...although it doesn't really matter that I get the "weekends" off because J works the weekends...but when I do work the occasional Saturday my whole week gets thrown off.  Like I literally feel like a zombie all week and don't know what day is what and it's super annoying.  You know what else is super annoying...it's Tax Free weekend in Texas which mean work for the next two days is going to be full of high school and college girls that are super annoying with back to school shopping.  The plus of back to school shopping is that I can go to Target after work and get notebooks and pens and crayons (that I don't need because really what am I go to do with MORE crayons...I have like a huge stash) and I can snag things like hangers and bed sheets on sale because it's "back to school" time.  Oh the joys of being a grown up...who isn't really a grown up...you understand.  And I feel like this outfit is the perfect non grown up outfit.  It's kinda like if you told your 4 year old to pick out something to wear and this is what she came up with...which is why this outfit it pretty much the best thing ever!!  And if you agree with me then don't forget to head over HERE to nominate me for the SA Fashion Awards "Blogger of the Year"...it would be so amazing to be nominated and I would of course love you always!!  Thanks and happy Friday!!!

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