chunky monkey...

 Happy Monday loves!  H and I had a chance to finally take some blog pics this weekend and lets just say that we had more bad pics than good.  It's been quite some time since we've done some outfit post and it totally showed while going through the pics.  Plus I'm super annoyed because I have been working out and eating well...ok I've been eating well most of the time...I mean I have carrots as snacks instead of cool ranch doritos so that has to count for something...and looking at the pics today I felt super discouraged because I look like a big puff ball.  

And yes, I fully understand that it takes time to see changes in your body, and yes most days I do feel better and not as "puffy" and yes I probably should stop drinking so much wine, but when you go from not working out to working out for almost 3 weeks now, I feel like you should see something.  Want to know what I see...a round fat for real when did my face get to marshmallow puff man status...and why doesn't it look that way when I take selfies...#firstworldproblems.

And really this is all so ridic because right now our world is a hot mess express and I really shouldn't be complaining about how I feel like a chunky complaining stops now.  And on a happier note, my sweet baby Henri Oliver has some exciting things in the works for you so stay tuned because you are not going to want to miss what's coming!!  

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