sweater weather...

 Happy Friday pretties!!  Today is a good day...why you ask?  Well it's almost xmas, my family will be here next week, and I only have 5 days left of work this year!  I'm lucky enough to use the last of my vacay days around the holidays when all my fam is in town and it's the perfect way to end the year with some relaxing, and laughing, and way too much eating!!

It's also been like perfect sweater weather which both H and I are super excited about.  Honestly he was born to wear clothes (I mean he is my child after all).  He's just a mini fashionista and I don't even have to bribe him with food (again my child) to put on a sweater...he just likes it...not sure how I got so lucky!  And even though I'm not rockin' a sweater I am wearing my new fave dress which allows me to look adorbs and the ability to eat like a dozen donuts and no one will know!  Oh yeah, and how perf is my new necklace???  It was a bday present from my seester and I am obsessed!!!

And if you follow me on insta then you know I was supposed to post these pics a few days ago, but I've gotten sucked into The Confession Tapes on Netflix so blogging had to take a back seat for a quick sec...seriously how did we live without Netflix...and why am I so obsessed with crime shows...I guess I can blame my hubby for that one!  So if you have any other must watch shows let me know and have an amazing weekend pretties!!

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