mmmmm cake pops!

so two of my besties have b-days back to back.  
ann's is today and missy's is tomorrow...
and every year they have a joint bday party which has now been named "hotapalooza" which always has a dress up theme because who doesn't love a good costume party?
this year it's "cowboys and indians"
and since i love to bake (and am quite good at it) i always bring some type of tasty treat, so this year i made cake pops...yummmmmmmmmm!

they are super easy and super delish and i learned two things while making them....
1) i think everything looks better with sprinkles
2) i really need to invest in a good high quality camera lol

here's a quick step by step of what i did so you can make them at home:)
*first you need to bake a cake...duh...and it can be from scratch or a box...and let it cool*
*then you destroy the pretty cake and plop it into a big mixing bowl*

*lovely isn't it?  then i added a big scoop of chocolate frosting and a big scoop of nutella (aka the best thing ever invented) and got my hands dirty...literally....

*i formed the cake into a big ball and popped it in the fridge for about 15 min...then it was time to make some cake balls...the size of the balls are totes up to you;)

*next you want to melt your chocolate (i used wilton's candy melts in pink of course) and put your sprinkles in a bowl, if using them*

*these next steps don't have pictures because i was too involved in mastering my cake pop technique;)  once chocolate is melted you will take a candy stick (also by wilton) and dip about one inch in the melted chocolate and then insert into one of the cake balls.  once you do this with all of the cake balls the ones you started with should be good to cover.

*to coat your cake balls there really isn't a right or wrong way...i just spooned the melted chocolate over the cake balls while rotating the stick to make sure they were evenly coated and then spooned sprinkles over that right away before the chocolate hardened.  then you will plop the sticks into a styrofoam block while they cool and are a cake pop master!!!

simple, sweet, and seriously adorable!  happy bday to ann and missy...hopefully i will not eat all of these before your party tomorrow;)
be pretty~melis

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