mila rose twist

here it is....
ask and you shall receive...
please overlook my dark dungeon condo...
and my girly baseball inspired shirt circa gap 2003...
and my straight hair...
now start twisting!!!

be pretty~melis


  1. OMG, you are amazing. This made me smile, ok I laughed a bit too. Love the easiness of this, love the dark condo, love the be pretty signage, and love how adorable you are. You truly live up to your motto..."be pretty"...and you are.

  2. Hi Melis:

    Wow! what an awesome video - loved everything about it, especially my "be pretty" niece. I hope you do more of these. You are soooooo adorable.

  3. cuteness! we are going out tonight and im going to rock this awesomeness! I will post a pic! gorgeous!!!!