mrd's for suri cruise...yep!

so some exciting things happening over in mrd land...
one super fab opportunity that i've had is making a custom mrd pretty for SURI CRUISE!!!
ahhhhhhhhhh.....totes craziness!!!!!!!!!
i mean, hello.....that girl is a total fashionista!!
and all of this is thanks to the amazing artisan group, who is putting together an amazing set of gifts for 
tom, katie, and suri and i was lucky enough to be chosen to include something special!

so i had to include a signature mrd flower right?  
suri's fave color is pink and her birthstone is a diamond....
so a gorgeous pink flower...
 made of organza's & chiffon's in pretty shades of pink...
and topped off with a rhinestone center
seemed like the perfect choice;)

and because suri's bday is next month
i added a pretty lil' leather bow band in her gift as well...
because why get one pretty when you can get two!!

so fingers crossed she loves her new mrd's!!

be pretty~melis


  1. Bad a**. You go girl. I'm sure she will love it. :) (I do!)

  2. aaaamazing! it will look great with her hair color and cut! so cute!