don't quit your day job

i think since i started working at a shoe store at the young age of 15, i've had more than one job at a time.
i don't know what it is, but i like doing lots of things at once.
maybe it's because i get bored easily and having multiple jobs keeps things interesting...
so while i would love to just sit around and make headbands all day long and have
mila rose designs as my only job
i'm not quite at the point where i'm making millions yet...
which means i can't quit my "day job" 

but why would i want to?  
i work at an amazing boutique called
AND if you follow me on facebook you will see that part of my job is to be the "look of the week" model...
you will also notice that i make them pick outfits with sleeves bc i hate my fat arms lol...don't judge...
so today i thought i would share with you some of my fave looks so far!

i'm obsessed with those huge alice & oliva floral pants!!
soooo cute!!
which one is your fave?

be pretty~melis

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