mila rose designs for lauren conrad

first i was lucky enough to make a headband for suri cruise.
and my lucky streak continues because i just shipped out two custom mrd pretties for 

when i found out about this one i was freaking out!!!
lc was always my fave on laguna beach...
and don't even get me started on the hills...
seriously i could watch that show over and over again...
sometimes i practice my blank stare in the mirror just in case i am ever on a faux reality
show like the hills...
seriously they were all so good at those long stares...totes crazy!

i also like the play the song "unwritten" in my car and pretend i'm being filmed while driving with my hair blowing in the wind and my oversized sunglasses on...
shut know you do it too;)

so i needed to make something special for lauren...
i was super excited to try out something new with this awesome textured leather that i had in pretty pastel shades....i embellished it with a little sparkle and ta da...
an mrd fit for lc

i made a similar one for myself since it was just too cute!!
and at the last minute i decided to throw in a signature mrd flower so i made a smaller black one with a taupe polka dot chiffon center and put in on this super pretty champagne lace.
soooo pretty!!!

fingers crossed that this is just the beginning of custom mrd's for pretty celebs:)

be pretty~melis


  1. you are too cool for school ;)

  2. wow! congrats :) i'd love to hear how you came upon the opportunities to create pieces for the cruise fam and lc! :)

    i hope we can connect!


  3. Congrats! That's a big step! I work at Bella Caley, and we have some of your loverly headbands. Take a look at my blog sometime!