finding balance

so if you're one of my real life friends or follow me on twitter, you've probably been seeing a lot of posts revolving around my family.  part of the reason  johnny and i moved to texas is because my family moved and my family is my everything....
and part of the reason it was so easy to just pack up and move is because until we figured out what we're going to do or what part of texas we ultimately want to live in, we had somewhere to live...
with my parents.

yes that's right...i'm about to turn 30 (6 more days!!!) and i'm back at home...but can i let you in on a little secret?  i was super excited about it...i mean i spent so much time at my parents house back in illinois that for me this wasn't that big of a deal.  it meant instead of forcing my new hubby to watch every show on bravo i had my mom...perfect right?  

well it has been about three weeks since we got here and i'm not ready to kill anyone...yet.  all the things i thought would be annoying or difficult to get used to haven't bothered me...but the past week i have felt...unbalanced.  

back in illinois i worked full time during the day, did mrd at night & did hair every few weeks.  i loved having multiple helped me managed my time, kept me on my toes, and really just kept me sane.  back in illinois i also had a car....which did not make the trip to texas with me...honestly i'm surprised it  lasted as long as it did, but not being able to leave the house whenever i want has started to make me crazy.  and while i have wanted to have mrd be my full time focus for so long, i'm finding it hard to do all mrd all the time, since i've grown so used to having at least 2 jobs at a time.

so i had my few days of feeling lost and unbalanced and had to snap out of it and design some pieces that make me happy...and while i think some of you are afraid of my bigger mrd's, nothing makes me happier...can we please look at this pic??  that is pure joy on my face!

hey i'm in texas now....everything is bigger!!  i know finding balance will be something i have to consistently work on, but i've got nothing but time.  so get ready for a lot more blogging and lots of new mrd's!

be pretty~melis

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