friday, i'm in love...with Henri

 You guys...this face...I mean is it not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  I am head over heels for my little fur baby Henri.  I honestly think he is like my spirit animal...he was definitely meant to be my dog and I was definitely meant to be his clueless dog mom.  I mean sometimes I think we're the same person/animal.   We're both stubborn and don't like to follow the rules...we both love to eat pretty much all the time...we both get super excited about the littlest things...we like taking selfies...we hate the texas heat (a/c all the way)...we do what we want, when we want...oh yeah, and we're both very attractive:)

And honestly, I didn't even know I could love someone this much.  I mean obviously I love my husband and my family and baked goods, but having a fur baby that relies on you for everything just changes the whole love game.  I would literally do anything for Henri...and I think he knows that which is why sometimes he's a total brat...just another thing we have in common.  

I guess I didn't realized when we rescued him that not only would I be saving his life, but he would be saving mine as well.  He's making me a better person and helping me to live in the moment...even when some of the moments involve holes in all of my brand new throw pillows...deep breaths...

I'm just so happy that he is part of our family...and that he finally loves me back because it was touch and go there in the beginning.  I think we're finally starting to understand each other and I can't wait to see what else he has to teach me.  what are you loving this friday?
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