Becoming Official

So because there are some amazing new possibilities coming up in the future I decided that I needed to just sit down and get all the yucky business stuff out of the way.  When I started selling on Etsy I didn't really know if I needed a tax id and to be registered, fact I'm still not sure lol, but I decided to do it all anyway.  So last week I registered mila rose designs to get our tax id number and went and did the whole DBA madness so once I get our DBA certificate, after I do the required newspaper posting, mila rose designs will officially be official!  How cool to say I'm a business owner!!  Yay!!!



  1. can u list what u had to do so i know what to do :)

  2. Well everything is different for each state. In IL I had to register my business online at Once that was done I needed to get a DBA (doing business as) since my business name is different from my name. That just involved going to the county clerk and filling out a DBA form and getting it notarized. Then I had to have that published by a local paper once a week for three weeks. The paper sends the proof of that to the county and then they send you your offical DBA Certificate! Hope that helps a bit:)