Good Morning!

Wow I haven't been up this early in a while, but I'm meeting mom for breakfast and french toast is definitely a motivator to wake up...and shoes.  The last time I was up this early was a couple weeks ago when mom called me from Target to tell me that the Cynthia Vincent Gladiator Wedges were there and they only had one in each size and she wanted me to come and try on my size that she was hiding in her cart, so of course I rolled out of bed and went...I kind of have a shoe problem!

Anyway I have tons of stuff to do today to make mila rose designs "real."  All of this registering and tax stuff is so confusing and I'm determined to figure it all out and just be done with it, so that will take up most of my day, but I did wake up to a nice surprise!  The amelie, one of the newest headbands, was featured in a blog today so I wanted to share it with you:)


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