something special

i's been a can yell at me if you want...

but instead you can be REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (yes, that many exclamation points excited)

why you ask?  i can't tell you...

a) bc it's not a definite...yet (but it will be, right universe?)
b) bc i don't want to jinx it...but it's going to happen (bc i said so)
c) bc i love leaving you in suspense:)  (i'm laughing my evil laugh now)

i know, i'm mean...BUT just because i can't tell you what's going on doesn't mean i can't SHOW you what it involves....

sneak peek at mila rose holiday 2011 collection
(yes i realize it's july and i'm working on holiday bands...welcome to fashion...)

yes that is velvet...and yes it is huge...and  yes i love it!

satin & feathers & lace...oh my

who's ready for holiday parties;)

be pretty~melis


  1. I love your headbands! They are all so cute! The Vanilla Tulip sent me ;-)

  2. Saying hi from the Vanilla Tulip! I just fell in love with your stuff!

  3. Hello there from The Vanilla Tulip. Your work is so precious.

  4. I saw your shop on The Vanilla Tulip-I love your beautiful creations!

  5. Coming over from the vanilla tulip!! Love your work!

  6. Saying hi from Vanilla Tulip. I love your headbands! Especially, the flutter cream butterfly printed chiffon ruffle flower stretch headband!

  7. I am also stopping by from the Vanilla Tulip! Love your headbands - adorable! My favorite is the gianna - large double purple flower headband.