west side story

i started the morning snapping bc it was west side story day!
the past few years i have become a bit of a "broadway snob" as my boyfriend likes to call me...
i am somewhat...ok...really addicted to seeing shows...they remind me of my musical days in high school...which was a really long time ago...anyways...

in the last couple of years i've seen...

wicked (twice in chicago and once in nyc)
the lion king
billy elliot (twice)
next to normal
les mis (best show EVER)
and now west side story

and for almost all of those shows i've been in the front row (yay me)
there is nothing better than being up close and personal with the actors...
i mean, who doesn't love seeing spit fly everywhere?

so i hadn't seen a show in a while (it's been like 2 months, i was having withdrawals lol)
and had to twist my mom and austin's (lil bro) arm to go see west side story with me...
not bc i so much love the musical, but like i said... withdrawals.

my mom hates west side story (well the movie) 
she was worried that the musical would be similar...
bad acting
annoying songs
fake puerto ricans

well....she was right;)

we did enjoy gang dancers fighting with jump snaps and ballet kicks...
and that was about it lol...

ok it wasn't THAT bad, but the actors that played tony and maria should not have been in those roles...
they were just all wrong...
sounded all wrong
looked all wrong
acted all wrong
 and it just didn't work...poo

but we still had so much fun
mostly because there was a lot more to make fun of and talk about on our train ride home;)

and if you're wondering if i'm TEAM sharks or TEAM jets....
i'm totally TEAM SHARKS!!!
1) they were much better dancers
2) they had much better hair
3) they wore purple

lunch at corner bakery...our pre-show tradition 

jump snaps...

at the cadillac

me, cheesing it up outside:)

love the inside of theaters in chicago!

so pretty...

so countdown to the next show is on...but what will it be?

be pretty~melis

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  1. Your head pieces are so cute! I just becaame a follower and I found you through Just Lovely Things!
    Cheers, Messy